Carnitine Core spotted with a fruity flavor, Muscle Pharm look to launch another core supplement after Z-Core PM

December 3, 2012 | MusclePharm

In Muscle Pharm’s latest Core Series image not only have they included the recently re-titled Z-Core PM, but they have also dropped in Carnitine Core. As expected it is a liquid form supplement, the first one MP have done like this. Based on the average l-carnitine bottle this one should weigh in at around 16 fl. oz, roughly 473ml. This could also give it between 1-1.5g of actual carntine per serving. One of details that can be confirmed that barely shows in the photograph, is the little red label on the left of the Carnitine Core bottle. It gives a solid indication that the product is in fact flavored and sitting somewhere in the fruit punch or raspberry lemonade department.