Kai Green’s signature hoodie gets zipped, MuscleMeds line up a new v-neck and singlet

June 26, 2013 | MuscleMeds
MuscleMeds red zip up hoodie for $49.99

Recently MuscleMeds have been releasing a number of updates in regards to their upcoming flavor for Carnivor. On top of the protein powder’s exciting new developments, the brand have also been adding to their clothing line with two more colors for their signature hoodie. Back in March fans were treated to a black version of Kai Green’s favorite accessory, and then a white variant two months later in May. Almost two months later again, MuscleMeds are treating their loyal followers to a number of new clothing items. Lined up for launch with an unknown release date is the red singlet, and red v-neck. To make it all that little bit sweeter, the brand have also added another hoodie to their range. The latest addition to MuscleMed’s gear department is the red zip up hoodie, which is available now direct from the brand’s official store for $49.99.