Limited edition cherry limeade lined up, Black Market’s monthly flavor series one year old

January 23, 2014 | Black Market
Black Market Labs confirm cherry limeade as their new limited edition flavor

Every fourth Monday of each month Black Market Labs launch their limited edition, and now black mixing flavor of AdreNOlyn Bulk, AdreNOlyn Cuts, and AdrenHERlyn. Last round’s variant and what may still be found in some locations, was the fruity taste combination jungle juice. Following on from that and due to be available early next week, is the the underground company’s take on cherry limeade. Not only is it yet another flavor Black Market can claim as different from the others they have produced. But one that marks a milestone for the brand, as it is their 13th limited edition variant making the monthly series officially one year old. The celebrations will obviously need to be put on hold until cherry limeade goes on sale. However you have to be impressed by Black Market Lab’s effort into the month to month project, something that nobody else is doing, or quite possibly even capable of doing.