Find the right fat burner for you with PricePlow’s latest guide and top 10

Find the right fat burner for you with PricePlow's latest guide and top 10

If you enjoyed PricePlow’s protein powder finder from back in August, you are going to love their follow up. Moving on from protein powders, the team over at the price comparison engine have now put together a guide to finding the right fat burner. Like the protein original, PricePlow’s second effort takes you through a number of questions, until you wind up on the supplement most suitable for you. Some of the questions include caffeinated or not, pills or powder, your most wanted effects and even value for money. At the bottom of it all PricePlow have also put together a list of their top 10 weight loss products which sees PES’s flavored Alphamine take the #1 spot. You can find the fat burning guide on PricePlow’s website, and presumably expect to see a few more category guides in the near future.

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