Alpha Lion Hemp Gains powered by nextHEMP from Compound Solutions

alpha lion hemp gains

Alpha Lion has launched an all-new, high-quality CBD supplement this week with Hemp Gains powered by nextHEMP. nextHEMP is a branded, zero THC hemp extract dosed at 10mg per single-capsule serving in the Hemp Gains and is actually from Compound Solutions, the company behind TeaCrine and Dynamine.

We previewed nextHEMP earlier this year which is said to be 20 times more bioavailable than regular hemp extract that uses an olive oil carrier. An example used to promote Compound Solutions’ nextHEMP is that you’ll need 200mg of regular hemp to match just 10mg of nextHEMP and its superior absorption.

Alpha Lion hasn’t made its nextHEMP powered Hemp Gains available on its usual website, instead, it has given the supplement its own one. To purchase the product you need to head to where its pricing starts at $59.95 for one 30 capsule bottle and goes as low as $43.97 each when buying six.