Alani Nu enters the nighttime market with a mix of melatonin and GABA

alani nu sleep

To round out the week, Alani Nu has entered into a category it wasn’t previously competiting in with a nighttime supplement simply named Sleep. The combination of ingredients the brand has packed into the product is actually just as simple as the name, with only a handful of ingredients.

To help get you to sleep faster as well as ensure you get a deep, quality sleep, Alani Nu Sleep features the common nighttime ingredients melatonin and natural GABA dosed at 1mg and 80mg respectively. Also in the mix in the brand’s latest supplement are magnesium and potassium at 200mg and 313mg.

Alani Nu fans and followers that would like to give the all-new nighttime product a try can now grab it directly from the brand through its online store at An entire tub of Sleep will last you 30 nights using its full serving with just the one flavor option to choose from at the moment in Lemon.

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