Halkon gets into the pre-workout game with a 13 ingredient formula

halkon pre

The up and coming supplement company Halkon has officially launched its pre-workout product simply named Pre, which has brought with details on what’s in it. Like a lot of competitors in the pre-workout category, Halkon Pre aims to deliver a comprehensive experience with a variety of benefits.

The brand has packed the supplement with a non-transparent blend of ingredients to help with energy, endurance, mood, pumps, and mental focus. Halkon has squeezed 13 main ingredients into its pre-workout Pre with only the caffeine transparently dosed at 350mg per serving.

halkon pre

While the brand does make a lot of CBD products including a traditional liquid dropper and even a CBD infused EAA; there is no CBD in Halkon Pre. All 13 of its ingredients come wrapped in an 8.165g blend with the likes of betaine, citrulline malate, and the branded features AgmaMax agmatine and ProGBB.

Halkon Pre can now be purchased directly from the brand at halkoninc.com alongside all of its other supplements at a price of $49.99 for a full 30 serving tub. When it comes to flavors, the pre-workout has two to choose from in Freedom Pop and Jolly Apple Blast.

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