Spider Labz completely unveils its second pre-workout Sicarius

spider labz sicarius

The European supplement company Spider Labz that launched with one product at the start of this year, has now introduced its second supplement. The latest from the brand is Sicarius, which just like its other product, is a caffeine-powered competitor for the pre-workout category.

Spider Labz Sicarius features a mix of commonly used pre-workout ingredients, a lot of which are dosed reasonably light. You can see the supplement’s full blend of features in the facts panel below including 2.8g of carbohydrates per serving with a small 200mg of that sugar.

spider labz sicarius

The main features in the Sicarius formula are a blend of B vitamins, 100mg of vitamin C, 700mg of taurine, 350mg of caffeine, 50mg of TeaCrine, and 25mg of alpha lipoic acid. The other ingredients are light amounts of beta-alanine at 1g, citrulline malate at 2g, and creatine monohydrate at just 1.6g.

From what we understand, Spider Labz fans can expect to see its second product Sicarius, in stores in about seven weeks from now. It’ll be available with the usual amount of servings per tub in 30, and have four flavors with Critical Energy, Deadly Orange, Fatal Bite, and Fruit Danger Apple.

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