Alani Nu teases its next energy drink flavor and it sounds delicious

alani nu energy drink

The Alani Nu energy drink already comes in a solid selection of flavors, with all of the options we’ve tried being delicious, sweet, and enjoyable. The product, which will be competing in our first-ever Clash Of The Cans later this month, comes in great tasting flavors like Sour Peach Rings and Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

Alani Nu has now revealed that another flavor is due to join its growing energy drink menu sometime very soon. The hugely popular brand has yet to disclose the name of the upcoming option, although it has shared a preview showing off the graphic that’ll be used to represent the beverage’s new flavor.

The small picture features a two-color popsicle, what appears to be a hibiscus flower, and a pineapple looking fruit. While the image doesn’t drum up any kind of name for the product, based on the clues the brand has provided, it does sound like the next Alani Nu energy drink flavor is going to be quite tasty.

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