Overkill is getting a special edition Freedom flavor for Veteran’s Day

Oct 7th, 2019
rising labs freedom overkill

That 1 Leg Monster’s supplement brand Rising Labs has revealed it will be releasing something special for Veteran’s Day this year. The team has put together a limited edition version of its original pre-workout Overkill that’ll feature an alternative label design and an all-new flavor option.

Rising Labs’ upcoming special edition supplement will feature a pattern of stars in the background of its label as well as a mix of red, white, and blue in its title. As for the unique flavor of the Veteran’s Day Overkill, it will be called Freedom, with no description of what it’ll actually taste like.

One-fifth of all sales of Rising Labs’ Freedom Overkill will also be donated to a charitable military cause to be named at a later date. While the product is for Veteran’s Day, the brand plans on making it available a few weeks earlier on Tuesday the 15th of this month.