Protein Wars semifinals are here with all past champions knocked out

Dec 2nd, 2019
protein wars

We are now onto the semifinals of this year’s Protein Wars following another record-breaking round from last week. After shrinking down the list of competitors from over 100 to just 24, for the semifinals we’re down to only six. Much like round one, the results from round two have brought a whole bunch of surprises.

The final six protein powders for the seventh annual Protein Wars actually does not include any previous winners, so this year, we will be crowning an all-new champion. The products that ended up taking out their groups were Peformix ioWhey, Optimum Gold Standard Whey, BPN Protein, Alani Nu Whey, Bowmar Protein, and Ghost Whey.

protein wars

Those six are now battling it out in two groups of three, with the highest voted protein powder from each of those groups set to progress to next week’s grand final. As per usual, to get your votes in for the 2019 Protein Wars semifinals, visit You can vote as much as once every 24 hours in each of the two groups.

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