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Supplement Snoop creates a program to help scale new brands and retailers

Supplement Scaling Program

The educational and informative CEO and co-founder of Supplement Snoop Justin Hall, as well as its other co-founder and entrepreneur, Prady Tewarie, have introduced the Supplement Scaling Program. As per its name, the program is designed to help newcomers to the supplement industry, scale their businesses and essentially take it to the next level.

The team estimates the Supplement Scaling Program can save you as much as five years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes. It is open to both supplement brands and retailers, and offers in-depth workshops on product compliance, selling direct-to-consumer, launching and sustaining sales on Amazon, tackling brick and mortar retailers, and more.

“The truth is that most of the information in the supplement space has been concentrated with a few players. With so many new supplement companies coming into the space bringing in new products, it’s time to make that information available to those who have what it takes. This is why we started the Supplement Scaling Program, to reduce the gap.” – Justin Hall

If you’re interested in finding out more about Justin Hall and Prady Tewarie’s Supplement Scaling Program, you can visit this link here. For those who want to go ahead and get involved, the Supplement Snoop team has created a questionnaire to complete, and it is worth mentioning there are only a limited number of spots available.

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