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Special edition Freedom Pop flavor coming to Nitraflex for the 4th Of July

gat freedom pop nitraflex

GAT and its signature pre-workout Nitraflex have been in the news quite a bit over the past year, with significant news coming in September, then several stories following. It was in September of last year the brand reformulated and relaunched its Nitraflex pre-workout with added Nitrosigine, followed by the same sort of update for the hybrid spin-off Nitraflex Burn and the creatine-infused Nitraflex+C.

GAT and Nitraflex are back in headlines this week, announcing a creative new flavor for the stimulant-powered pre-workout, put together appropriately for the 4th Of July. The flavor is a patriotically-themed, Bomb Pop-inspired creation called Freedom Pop, which features an alternative label design filled with red, white, and blue; stars and stripes; and of course, an eye-catching fireworks display in the title.

The special edition Freedom Pop Nitraflex is launching within the next few days leading up to the 4th Of July this coming Sunday. To make it an even more exciting release, the brand is going to have it available through its online store at with a limited-time free tee deal.

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