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Freedom edition Egg-Cellent produced entirely to support those in need in Ukraine

Apollon Nutrition Special Edition Freedom Egg Cellent

Apollon Nutrition recently announced it would be donating all profits from orders through its website made using the coupon “UKRAINE” to those in need in Ukraine, the home country of the brand’s founder, Robert Samborsky. The brand also produced smaller sample tubs of its protein powder 50/50 Formula called Freedom and is sending them straight to Ukraine.

Since that news came out, many people have been reaching out to Apollon Nutrition, asking how they can purchase that one-time Freedom protein powder and further help the cause. In response to that, the brand prioritized the production of a full-size run of another Freedom-named supplement that fans can purchase, although it is slightly different.

Apollon Nutrition’s Freedom protein powder that’s being made available to everyone from next Wednesday through its online store and many retail partners is an alternatively branded version of its egg-based product, Egg-Cellent. Not only that, it comes in two flavors previously unreleased for the supplement with a sweet White Chocolate and treat-like Cinnamon Bun.

Every cent profited from Apollon Nutrition’s Freedom edition Egg-Cellent protein powder is going straight to Ukraine to help those in need. The product and its two flavors are only available for a limited time, and they’re a great way for fans to show their support. Once again, they’ll be available next Wednesday with the same 28 servings a tub, each with 24g of protein.