Kodiak Attack


  • Brand Kodiak Nutrition
  • Category Pre-Workout
  • Flavors Grape Lime Lollipop, Peach'o's, Starpunch, Sweetish Punch, Rainbow Fruit, Geeky Grape, Sweet & Tangy, Sour Raspberry, Lime Candy, Gummy Bear, Pineapple Splash, Jolly Watermelon, Cherry Candy
  • Price $49.99
  • Sizes 30 Servings

Vitamins and Minerals

Per 10g serving
  • Niacin 40mg

Active Ingredients

  • Beta-Alanine 3g
  • Citrulline Malate (2:1) 3g
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 750mg
  • Ornithine 0.5g
  • Arginine AKG 0.5g
  • Eria Jarensis 50mg
  • Citicoline 25mg
  • Huperzine A 50mcg


  • Caffeine ComplexCaffeine anhydrous, di-caffeine malate (infinergy) 300mg
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