MHN Fierce5


  • Brand Modern Hardcore Nutrition
  • Category Multivitamin
  • Flavors Tablets
  • Price $44.95
  • Sizes 30 Servings

Vitamins and Minerals

Per 6 tablets
  • Vitamin C 300mg
  • Biotin 300mg
  • Calcium 200mg
  • Vitamin E 134mg
  • Magnesium 100mg
  • Thiamin 75mg
  • Vitamin B2 75mg
  • Niacin 75mg
  • Vitamin B5 75mg
  • Vitamin B6 58mg
  • Zinc 38mg
  • Manganese 5mg
  • Vitamin A 4mg
  • Copper 3,700mcg
  • Folic Acid 600mcg
  • Selenium 200mcg
  • Iodine 0.15mg
  • Chromium 120mcg
  • Vitamin B12 100mcg
  • Molybdenum 80mcg
  • Vitamin K2 75mcg
  • Vitamin D 7.5mcg

Active Ingredients

  • Inositol 10g
  • DHEA 50mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 25mg
  • PABA 10mg
  • Lycopene 0.5mg
  • Lutein 0.5mg
  • Alpha Carotene 0.5mg
  • Vanadium 0.1mg
  • Cryptoxanthin 0.1mg
  • Zeaxanthin 0.028mg


  • Fierce Test BlendFenugreek, mucuna pruriens, andrographis herb extract, boron 692mg
  • Prostate Health/DHT Blocker BlendSaw palmetto, goldenseal root, ginseng, pygeum bark, ginkgo, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed powder, oyster body extract 525mg
  • Estrogen Eliminating ComplexDiindolylmethane, chrysin 300mg
  • Fruit/Vegetable Force BlendCitrus bioflavonoids peel complex, garlic bulb powder, green tea extract, grape seed, blueberry fruit powder, cranberry fruit powder, wild yam root powder, carrot root powder, papaya fruit powder, orange fruit powder, pineapple fruit powder, spinach leaf powder, European elder fruit powder, kale powder, brussels sprout leaf powder, broccoli plant powder, apple fruit powder, kiwi fruit powder, grapefruit powder 240mg
  • Virility BlendMaca, Chinese dodder seed powder, eleuthero root powder 120mg
  • Enzyme ComplexMaltodextrin, inulin, papain, bromelain, amylase, lipase 50mg
  • Other ingredients

    Microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid
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