From Seed to Success: The Deep Roots of KSM-66’s Sustainability

From Seed to Success: The Deep Roots of KSM-66’s Sustainability

The food ingredients and supplement industry has seen a shift towards developing ways to optimize the process of manufacturing ingredients sustainably as consumers are also more skeptical when it comes to sustainability.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been a pioneer in this movement, having established a sustainable Ashwagandha supply chain well before it became a widely recognized practice. This forward-thinking strategy has promoted prosperity, benefiting both the environment where Ashwagandha is cultivated and the farmers who cultivate it.

Organic Farming Practices

KSM-66 emphasizes implementing the highest standards of organic farming principles on its 1600-acre Ashwagandha farms in Rajasthan. The company ensures minimal waste by fully utilizing each part of the plant; for example, the leaves are recycled as compost. This cultivation process strictly avoids adding harmful chemicals, safeguarding the air, soil, and water, and thereby producing a safe end product.

Green chemistry

KSM-66 spent 14 years perfecting the extraction of ashwagandha root extract. This extraction system is free from harmful substances, waste, or residue. It utilizes an aqueous-based and Green Chemistry approach, avoiding alcohol or chemical solvents.

Women Empowerment

KSM-66 is committed to women’s empowerment, with women forming the majority of their workforce across various company sectors. Women are involved in numerous roles, including fieldwork, factory operations, office tasks, and even crafting jute bags for trade events. This empowers them with diverse income sources to support their families.


Understanding the value of education in shaping future generations, KSM-66 invests in educational initiatives. They fund facilities, staff, and supplies, providing free education to over a thousand students daily.

Health Care

KSM-66 demonstrates its commitment to healthcare by operating a no-cost hospital in Kota, Rajasthan, offering free medical care and medicines. The company also runs a thalassemia center catering to approximately 450 children and played a significant role in COVID-19 vaccination efforts, administering free vaccines to over 20,000 community members, showcasing their commitment to public health.


Real sustainability encompasses a comprehensive and compassionate strategy, spanning every facet of operations from the beginning to the end. KSM-66’s journey from seed to final extract is governed by strict and authentic sustainability guidelines, reflecting a commitment to environmental health, societal well-being, and superior product quality. The company reinforces this commitment by conducting thorough, double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies on KSM-66. These rigorous trials consistently affirm the effectiveness of the ashwagandha extract, ensuring that it truly enhances people’s lives by promoting better health and well-being.