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Transform your body with Redcon1 and you could win $10,000

1 hour ago | RedCon1

If you’re about to start a weight loss, muscle building, or lean bulk phase, you might want to hold off for a bit. Basically in two weeks time on the 1st of February, Redcon1 is going to be running a transformation challenge called the Readiness Trials, where there is a fairly large prize up for grabs.

Amino Build Ripped costs the same as Muscletech’s other 2 Amino Builds

13 hours ago | Muscletech
amino build ripped

Muscletech’s latest Amino Build spin-off, Amino Build Ripped, which was unveiled at the end of last year, is now officially available. One of the first places it has shown up is the massive online retailer, where it’s actually priced exactly the same as Amino Build and Amino Build Energized.

Velositol infused Core PWO launched with two freebie deals

15 hours ago | Core
core pwo

Just as the brand said it would last week when we unveiled its new and improved post-workout formula. Core Nutritionals has officially launched its updated Core PWO this week, which now features Carb10, the protein synthesis enhancer Velositol, cluster dextrin, and a number of other changes.


John Meadows completely unveils his Granite Supplements pre-workout

17 hours ago | Granite
granite arc reactor

John Meadows has just dropped the label behind another one of his upcoming Granite Supplements releases, giving us a closer look at his pre-workout competitor Arc Reactor. As expected the product is very unique, featuring a rather interesting combination of 13 different ingredients, a lot of which are branded ingredients.

750 calorie gainer Anabolic Grow joins USN’s US line-up

18 hours ago | USN
usn anabolic grow

The internationally available brand USN has just added a new gainer to its slowly growing US line-up, with the rather large Anabolic Grow. The supplement isn’t overly high in calories or as low as we’ve seen some of the much lighter lean gainers out there, it’s more or less right in the middle.

Optimum Cake Bites Review: Not as delicious as expected

19 hours ago | Optimum
optimum cake bites review

Last year Optimum Nutrition surprised us quite a bit by launching a number of entirely new supplements. What was even more surprising about the spree of new releases was that two of them were edible, with the protein-packed snacks Opti-Bar and Optimum Cake Bites. After buying a full box of Opti-Bars and being a little disappointed, we decided to grab a bunch of the Cake Bites for review.


BPS reformulates its pre-workout StimRush with 100% transparency

21 hours ago | BPS
bps stimrush

It’s certainly been a while since we’ve seen anything big from BPS Nutrition, although the brand has certainly undergone a lot of changes in that time. To start 2017 it has actually returned to headlines with the reveal and release of a new version of its pre-workout competitor StimRush. Not only does the supplement look very different thanks to the new BPS branding, but it also features an equally different formula.

MAN’s Warheads inspired Sour Nukes ISO-Amino arrives at Campus Protein

22 hours ago | MAN Sports
sour nukes iso-amino

MAN Sports’ latest addition to its ISO-Amino menu has just arrived at its exclusive retailer. The new flavor is the previously confirmed Sour Nukes inspired by the sour candy Warheads, and the exclusive retailer is none other than Campus Protein. As expected it has been introduced with a bit of a deal, although unexpectedly there is only a limited amount of Sour Nukes available.

Iron Man our guess at Perfect Shaker’s upcoming Hero Series release

24 hours ago | Perfect Shaker
iron man shaker

The brand most well-known for its line of shakers inspired by Marvel and DC Comics heroes’, Perfect Shaker, has started teasing the next addition to its Hero Series. All the brand has really said so far is that it will be a hero, it will be arriving this Thursday, and based on its teaser image it does involve the color red.

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