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Grenade’s US Defend BCAA makes its way to the UK and Europe

26 mins ago | Grenade
defend bcaa

Last year Grenade finally brought its UK and Europe amino supplement Defend to the US, reformulating and relaunching it as Defend BCAA. The brand has now taken that updated product and also introduced in the UK and Europe. Grenade hasn’t really changed anything in the supplement for the release, seeing Defend BCAA hold on to all of its main ingredients.

Enter With Purpose gets Grape and Cherry added to its menu

2 hours ago | Run Everything Labs
grape enter with purpose

Last week Dana Linn Bailey’s supplement company Run Everything Labs, dropped a teaser hinting at the coming of another new flavor for its pre-workout Enter With Purpose (EWP). We initially thought we’d be seeing grape added to the product’s menu, and as it turns out that is the flavor that’s been released although there is also another.

Black Market’s 5th year of limited editions started with Grape Lime Rickey

14 hours ago | Black Market
grape lime rickey adrenolyn

Right on time as per usual, Black Market has launched yet another monthly, limited edition flavor for its pre-workout competitors. For those that didn’t know, the underground brand is now in its fifth year of producing a limited edition flavor every month, following December’s release of the holiday inspired recipe Jacked Frost.


John Meadows’ Recovery Factor looking like a solid intra-workout competitor

16 hours ago | Granite
granite recovery factor

The fourth and final product from John Meadows’ upcoming Granite Supplements has been completely unveiled today, following on from the previous detailed looks at all of its others. The last to be fully introduced is the brand’s obviously named recovery formula Granite Recovery Factor, which as it turns out looks to be just as good if not better than the original Intra-MD.

Kodiak Flavor Challenge finalists, get your votes in for the next Attack

19 hours ago | Kodiak
kodiak attack

A couple of weeks ago we started the Kodiak Flavor Challenge, where we took suggestions from readers for what they think the next flavor of Kodiak’s top rated pre-workout should be. We’ve since gone over all of the entries and as promised picked our five finalists for everyone to vote on.

Redcon1’s upgraded Double Tap powder also comes in Strawberry Mango

19 hours ago | RedCon1
double tap powder

Last week we posted about Redcon1’s all-new flavored version of its fat burner Double Tap. The supplement has basically been upgraded for the pill to powder transformation, as the flavored version features everything the original does plus two extra ingredients. Initially we did say it only came in the one flavor, however it turns out that is not the case.


ProSupps confirms MyCookie, its upcoming protein cookie

20 hours ago | ProSupps

Last year ProSupps surprised us with what was the best release we’d ever seen from the brand with its first ever edible effort, the delicious MyBar. It was easily the best tasting protein bar launched in 2016, and as it turns out ProSupps isn’t quite done with the high protein food market just yet.

Got7 Bahia Bar Review: Just like a Kit Kat but with a lot less sugar

22 hours ago | Got7 Nutrition
got7 bahia bar review

Last year we were lucky enough to be introduced to the European supplement company Got7 Nutrition, who has one of the most creative product lines we’ve come across. Both of the supplements we’ve reviewed from the brand were not disappointing, one of those items also turned out to be the best tasting protein chip on the market. This week we’re back with another Got7 review, and once again the brand has delivered.

Scivation Giveaway: Xtend in your choice of flavor stacked with PeakO2

Jan 23, 2017 | Scivation
xtend giveaway

We’re back with another giveaway from Scivation this week, almost exactly one month after the Xtend Go contest we had just before Christmas. The prize this time around is actually a stack with a 30 serving tub of Scivation’s flagship amino formula Xtend, and a tub of Primaforce’s PeakO2.

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