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IsoPept Zero gets another flavor, but still no chocolate option

10 hours ago | EHP Labs
cookies and cream isopept zero

Last year when EHP Labs launched its Olympia unveiled isolate protein powder IsoPept Zero, it was introduced in five different flavors. Those five are Banana Bliss, Strawberry Sensation, Mocha Latte, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Ice Cream, with surprisingly no chocolate option.

Animal Iconic design is back in Blood Red for the Arnold

12 hours ago | Animal
animal tee

Following on from the unveiling of its first piece of limited edition clothing that’s going to be available at next week’s Arnold Expo. Today, Animal has unveiled its second item which uses the Animal Iconic logo graphic, first seen at last year’s Arnold.

Genius keeps its simple for its last new supplement in March

13 hours ago | Genius
genius arginine

Genius has just unveiled its third and final new supplement for this month, following on from its introduction of Genius BCAA and the transparent Genius Protein. Unlike the other two products, the brand’s third is actually quite a simple formula called Genius Arginine.


Reload Flapjack getting its first new flavor in over 3 years

15 hours ago | Grenade
reload protein flapjack

Over the past year, when it comes to Grenade’s high protein snacks, the brand has only really been adding new flavors to delicious Carb Killa. Being however that it’s the best tasting protein bar on the market, it’s no surprise it’s been getting all the attention. This year though it looks like Grenade’s much older Reload Protein Flapjack is finally getting a turn.

DVST8 Crimson Review: Intense mix of energy, drive, and pump

16 hours ago | Inspired
dvst8 crimson review

Last year we were introduced to DVST8 White Cut, which ended up becoming the #1 rated pre-workout, a position the supplement still holds today. The brand behind that product now has another competitor in the pre-workout game called DVST8 Crimson, a supplement we finally have a review for here today.

PhD unveils its weight loss infused protein RTD Diet Whey Water

18 hours ago | PhD
diet whey water

A new supplement has now been confirmed as on the way for PhD Nutrition’s already packed on-the-go selection. The new product the UK brand has introduced is a protein RTD called Diet Whey Water. Just like PhD’s Diet Whey protein powder, its upcoming RTD brings together protein and bit of weight loss.


USN confirms the Trust Protein Bar for its US line of supplements

20 hours ago | USN
usn trust protein bar

Currently USN has just the one protein bar competitor in the US, which certainly isn’t the case in some of the other parts of the world the brand is available. That fact is actually going to be changing very soon, as USN has confirmed that an entirely new edible product is on the way called the Trust Protein Bar.

Try 16 of Gamma’s 17 G Fuel flavors in its new Premium Pack

21 hours ago | Gamma Labs
g fuel premium pack

If you’ve been wanting to give Gamma Labs’ flagship energy formula G Fuel a try, but can’t quite decide on a flavor, or you’ve tried it and want to see what the other flavors are like. The brand has just launched its biggest variety box yet that is the perfect solution.

Bang flavor Black Cherry Vanilla added to Redline Xtreme

23 hours ago | VPX
black cherry vanilla redline xtreme

Just over half a year since we last saw VPX Sports add to its energy RTD, Redline Xtreme, the brand is back with another new addition to the product’s menu. The flavor we were all introduced to in July of last year was Cotton Candy, which has now been followed up by a recipe that was actually added to the Bang RTD in 2016.

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