stack3d certified

The Stack3d Certified program was created to help honest, fully transparent supplement companies prove what’s in their supplements, is indeed in there. The way it works is we purchase a participating brand’s product once every three months from a random retailer, then send it to the lab to test for what’s on its label.

For protein powders we test for their full nutrition profile, and in supplements like pre-workouts we test for their active ingredients such as citrulline and caffeine. We also certify individual products which we purchase and test in the same manner once per year. There are some ingredients we don’t test for due to difficulty and price.

Stack3d Certified Brands


Latest test – Muscle Matrix 03/03
Tested for protein, carbs, fat and calories

primeval labs

Primeval Labs
Latest test – Mega Pre, 11/12
Tested for caffeine, aminos, betaine, choline and alpha-GPC


Latest test – Grunt, 02/03
Tested for full EAA profile

Stack3d Certified Products

animal fury

Animal Fury
Tested for BCAAs, caffeine, tyrosine, beta-alanine, citrulline

universal ultra whey pro

Universal Ultra Whey
Tested for protein, fat, carbohydrates and calories