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Ninja Unleashed 2.0
Your favorite high-stim pre workout is back and better than ever.
Get your hands on these NEW exclusive flavors in our fully-loaded formula.

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Excuses or results: you can't have both. It's time to take your workout to the next level! Take a look at that supplement panel and decide if you want results or the same old excuses.

-Pump and vascularity, power and performance.
-3 different sources of caffeine totaling just over 600mg.
-Nootropic platform providing a euphoric and focused workout.

Time to get those results you're looking for...

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Code: STACK3D20

Ninja Burn 2.0
Extreme Fat Burning Formula
Enhanced Performance Ignitor Matrix

*This is a pre-order item that will ship by the end of August.*

Reduce appetite, eliminate fatigue, incinerate excess fat.

We went all out on this formula...
Start slow, these capsules are packed with powerful stimulants & thermogenics!

Reviews From Our Customers

The Best Pre Workout I've Ever Taken

When I was done with my workout, I still wanted to workout. I ended up doing extra workouts for the specific muscle groups I was working on that day. It definitely gives you that motivation and drive.

Two Thumbs Up

Love this product gives me a clean energy and focus without the crash. It mixes well and the shinobi sherbert is delicious. I also like that Ninia put hydration ingredients in this product.

Top Tier Protein

One of the best-flavored proteins on the market. The formula is very clean and has collagen in it which is a major plus while maintaining the lean isolate calories. Highly recommend

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