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Kaged’s new Clean Burn will be $26 on Monday at
clean burn

Earlier this week Kaged Muscle's all new fat burner Clean Burn was introduced direct through the brand's website. For those that missed it, the price on the latest supplement from Kris Gethin is $35.99 for a full 30 day's supply. Clean Burn has now also arrived at Kaged's exclusive online retailer, where it is in fact a whole one dollar cheaper at $34.99. If the store availability or that extra $1 is what you've been waiting for and are about to go grab the product, you may actually want to wait a couple of days.
Elite Labs teases its 6th supplement in what looks like a 5lb tub
elite labs

Elite Labs has announced that another supplement for its growing family is on the way. To keep fans as well as us guessing it has only released a silhouette of the product, which surprisingly suggests that it's some kind of 5lb formula. With that being the only detail we have to go off at the moment, we don't actually have any guesses as to what it could be.
Unstoppable V2 due to be officially released at the FIBO in 54 days
unstoppable v2

Last time we checked in with Dedicated Nutrition on the sequel to its #1 rated pre-workout supplement Unstoppable, it confirmed that the new product would be coming in three different versions. It didn't go into any detail about what or why there would be three versions, which led us to speculate a little. Unfortunately we still don't have any information on any of the Unstoppable V2 formulas, although today we do have an update that fans will most definitely want to hear.
App Nut introduces Ooh Snap, its upcoming crispy protein bar
App Nut Ooh Snap

Over the past few months we've seen a small rise in supplement companies entering the protein market for the first time, with various protein powders. What we haven't seen a lot of is brands getting into the business of protein with bars. Surprisingly that is exactly what Applied Nutriceuticals is looking to do this year as details of its all new crispy protein bar Ooh Snap, have now been released.
Cannibal Carna launching next week, then Kraken a week later
cannibal carna

Chaos and Pain fans that liked last week's news of two new supplements will be pleased to hear that those two products are not far away from release. The BCAA formula Cannibal Carna is going to be the first of the two launched, with the brand hoping to have it available sometime next week. As for the other supplement the protein powder Cannibal Kraken, that is expected to be released a little later in two weeks time. Like all of Chaos and Pain's new products, both Cannibal Carna and Kraken are going be introduced through the brand's website with their own introductory deals.
Signature Series tee free with America Amino-Tone at Suppz
america amino-tone

Last year Ronnie Coleman Signature Series launched its Rocket Pop Amino-Tone flavor America, exclusively through Tiger Fitness. The flavor actually remained exclusive right up until the beginning of this year when the product popped up at Lockout Supplements. Since then America Amino-Tone has continued to show up in more and more locations including Suppz, who this week has put together a deal similar to what Tiger Fitness had when it first got the flavor.
MAN Sports unveils Clean Protein, the one we’ve all been waiting for
 clean protein

As we continue to wait for the release of MAN Sports' reformulated Game Day, the brand has surprisingly gone and unveiled its first ever protein powder Clean Protein. Being the secretive brand that it is, MAN is keeping almost all of the product's details under wraps. The only things we know at the moment are the few highlights the brand decided not to blur in the preview it's just released.
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