Monday, September 1, 2014

App Nut's 4th Innovation supplement released, Free Test XRT detailed and on sale for $59.99

App Nut detail and release their sequel supplement Free Test XRT

As expected Applied Nutriceuticals have detailed and released one of their two listed formulas Free Test XRT and Drive Recomp. The product that's been launched is the muscle builder of the two, the fourth sequel supplement Free Test XRT. Compared to it's predecessor App Nut have done similar to what they did with HG4 Up, completely reformulating the product. The brand's updated XRT edition features highlights such as DHEA, coleus forskolin, velvet bean, maca root and milk thistle. You can check out the full formula below with Free Test XRT's official facts panel. To add to the news the sequel supplement does unfortunately have something else in common with HG4 Up. As well as being redesigned from the ground up, App Nut have also dropped the amount of servings per bottle compared to the original Free Test going from 24 to 20. Whether or not that means the price is going to be dropped too match, we'll have to wait for retail availability. Although for now fans can purchase the latest from the brand direct from their website at $59.99.

Muscle Pharm's edible entry on sale for $1.25, launch Combat Crunch with BOGO deal

Muscle Pharm's Combat Crunch on sale at for $1.25

They may be coming in second place, either way have shown up with Muscle Pharm's first edible supplement, the protein bar Combat Crunch. Technically the third product in the Combat family, has hit the place that put Combat Casein on sale four days early for the relatively competitive price of $29.88 for a box of 12. Again they are the second store to launch Combat Crunch behind GNC from Saturday, who have coincidentally lowered the cost of Muscle Pharm's protein bar from the $41.88 and $33.50, to $31.41 and $29.83 for Gold Card holders. While the member price is essentially the cheaper option, have got a launch promotion running that blows GNC out of the water. The deal is buy one box of Combat Crunch in either chocolate chip cookie dough or chocolate peanut butter cup and get another box free. Basically you're looking at $1.25 a bar, a price you can't pass on even if you're not a Muscle Pharm fan.

Giant Sports 5th effective formula released, powerful Giant Pump hits Supplement Central

Giant Sports 5th supplement Giant Pump now available

Following more than enough chances for everyone to win, Giant Sport's new dedicated pump pre-workout supplement Giant Pump. That we were fortunate to get to review pre-release back in late March, has now finally made it's way out and is available for purchase. The place the brand's 5th product is currently listed, is the one place almost always first to the scene Supplement Central. While we do know the price the store have it for at the moment will be different and likely cheaper at other Giant stockists, for now they are the only ones selling Giant Pump. Other retailers will no doubt be getting the very intense pump formula sometime soon, possibly even this week, but at $38.95 Supplement Central isn't that bad of an option. Given that you may want to wait for it to hit your favorite nutrition store to buy a monthly stack or bulk buy, die hard fans however will probably have no problem jumping at the opportunity.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vitrix reformulated with relabeling, Nutrex pre-workout Outlift released a few days early

Nutrex relabel and reformulate Vitrix, as well as launch Outlift direct

Nutrex recently launched Adipodex and Hibern8, both of which are supplements featuring a theme very different to that of their fellow Black Series formulas. The introduction of the duo not only increased the brand's most populated range by two, but forced their new theme on to Niox, T-Up, and the Hemo Rage Shot that also had it's name changed to Outrage. Nutrex have now carried the patterned look over to another one of their Black Series products, the super libido booster Vitrix. Like Outrage, the brand's modification of the supplement's has brought more than just a makeover with a slight formula edit. Previously the product was divided into 1g of tribulus and a 500mg NTS-5 blend. Vitrix now packs an 858mg complex featuring a couple new additions listing arginine, tribulus with 50% saponins instead of 60%, fenugreek, BioPerine and yohimbine HCl. If you are a die hard Nutrex fan and want to get a hold of their latest, the updated Vitrix is actually already on sale direct from the brand, surprisingly alongside their new pre-workout Outlift. For those that had it marked in their calendar, Nutrex did say September 2nd would be the earliest we'd be seeing Outlift, a date they've managed to beat by a couple of days.

Jim Stoppani confirms drop of the box, Post Jym set to split this coming week

Jim Stoppani due to split Post Jym this coming week

Late last week Jim Stoppani confirmed that he will be further dividing his Active Ingredient Matrix and Post Jym Dextrose, by producing the once paired duo in their own individual tubs. We now have a little more information on the move as Stoppani has confirmed that the 30 serving bottles will indeed be replacing the original boxed Post Jym. Seeing as fans will be getting an additional 10 servings per tub, we can only assume the Active variant will be valued quite similar to what Post Jym is at now, and Dextrose obviously quite a bit cheaper. The other piece of information we have on our number one post-workout, is that the supplement is actually almost here. Along with details of the boxed original getting dropped in favor of tubs, Stoppani has told fans to look out for his separated Post Jym partners this coming week. The place they'll launch is of course going to be Jym's exclusive stockist, with their arrival technically taking Stoppani's line to a total of seven products.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Six Pack's 15lb monster now available, Alpha Duffle arrives in three colors

Of all the bags Six Pack Fitness have introduced this year, the biggest of them all had up until now been kept at bay. The brand's mass monster, the luggage designed Alpha Duffle, was originally left out of the 53 items put up for pre-order back in March. It did later get a teaser, however even when the rest of the 2014 Collection started coming out of pre-order around early June, the Alpha had still yet to be seen. Fans can now get out their wallets and welcome in the heavy duty 15lb bag, as Six Pack have finally launched the product politely skipping over the pre-order process. The item comes with enough room for basically everything including six meal containers, it's three included gel packs, a zip on wheel segment, two large ventilated pockets. Two neoprene lined bottle compartments, four external pockets, a dedicated shoe area and of course the main compartment fit for all your luggage. With all it's size it's no surprise that the Alpha comes at a price of $349.99 for each of it's three colors black on black, black on red and red on black. Making the new release Six Pack's second most expensive item, sitting behind another Elite Collection piece the Victoria Elite Tote.

Weekends of Chaos: Chaos and Pain's mind accelerator Cannibal Genius up for grabs

Be in to win Chaos and Pain's Cannibal Genius with Weekends of Chaos
We mentioned it last weekend, then confirmed it during the week, with today being the launch of our Chaos and Pain sponsored Weekends of Chaos. The up and coming brand have joined in the fun here at Stack3d and are

The Truth looking like some kind of exposé, 2 days out Muscle Elements move to the 8th

Muscle Elements move their Truth date to September 8th

If the suspense wasn't already killing you, Muscle Elements mystery build up to The Truth just got pushed that little bit further. We've seen teaser after teaser from the brand hinting at some sort of announcement or story informing consumers about something in the supplement industry. Whether it's on the heated topic of amino spiking or something else entirely, we are still unsure. Today however Muscle Elements have told us that we in fact don't have the two days left to wait as previously promised. Instead it turns out the brand want to delay their Truth promotion until the 8th of September, so it doesn't collide with Labor Day. As respectful and thoughtful as that is, we are now left with an additional wait of seven more days. To help ease the pain of the extra time, Muscle Elements have put together another image featuring the hashtag #whostellingthetruth. Like all the brand's other pictures it is rather vague, although does push us further in the direction of thinking we're looking at an exposé, possibly uncovering trade secrets or something along those lines.

Her Multi and Garcinia join Her CLA, NLA now with three coming soon supplements

Two more basic supplements confirmed for NLA For Her, Her Multi and Her Garcinia

News has come in of NLA once again adding to their female based line of supplements, with not just one but two new products. The information comes in after last weeks' post on Her CLA, the formula on it's way and set to take the spin off range to a total of seven. The two supplements that have now been confirmed as numbers eight and nine, are Her Multi and Her Garcinia. Firstly we'll go over Her Multi, obviously a multi-vitamin formula which according to NLA has been scientifically designed for women. In terms of contents the product lists more than 23 vitamins and minerals with two proprietaries thrown in, a fruit & veggie and a beauty blend. Lastly we have Her Garcinia that while may seem straight forward, packs it's title relevant 475mg of garcinia cambogia (60% HCA), although also features 400mg of green coffee bean. Unfortunately like with NLA's Her CLA we are short on launch specifics, but with three supplements now confirmed as coming soon fans have a lot to look forward to.

Latest from USP & Royal launched at GNC, MP's Combat Crunch arrives 2 days early

Muscle Pharm's Combat Crunch on sale at GNC two days before launch

Most of the time supplements are launched through places like, Supplement Central, or on occasions with introductory offers at Nutraplanet. GNC aren't usually the first ones on the scene, unless of course we're talking about exclusive products. On that topic we can tell you that today the GNC only Pink Magic Platinum from USP Labs has finally gone on sale, as well as Royal Sport's sixth supplement the protein powder Ultra Clean 100. While both releases are very exciting, this morning GNC have shown up with another new product however this one is not exclusive. Muscle Pharm's first edible item Combat Crunch which wasn't due to be available until this Monday, has been uploaded to GNC's website and can now be purchased. The price of the latest from the athlete's company for both of the supplement's flavors is $41.88 for a box of 12, or $33.50 for those with a Gold Card. The early launch officially makes it two premature releases for Muscle Pharm, with the first one being the four day early Combat Casein from July.