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DPS Nutrition shows up with White Flood at a much better price
white flood

Over the weekend we posted about Controlled Labs' all new pre-workout competitor, the resurrected White Flood, being launched direct. At the time we couldn't see it anywhere else, however now only a few days later the latest from the brand has hit a retailer with a much better price point. DPS Nutrition of all places is one of the first stores to stock the 2016 edition of White Flood, for just $30.97 for a full size 30 serving tub. Also like Controlled Labs itself, DPS has the supplement available in all three of its flavors, Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade and Bubble Gum.
Magnum officially unveils its water loss formula Drip Dry
magnum drip dry

Magnum Nutraceuticals has officially unveiled its latest innovation today, introducing Drip Dry. The supplement is the last one of the three the brand said it had coming a few months ago, with the other two being Carne Diem and After Burner. If you have been following us however, Drip Dry's reveal may not be overly surprising as we did post a picture of the product at the end of March.
Ghost welcomes its first official athlete, the Online Coach

The extremely exciting but still very vague upcoming supplement company Ghost, has released an update this week that's definitely the biggest we've ever seen from it. Firstly the brand has changed up its website a bit, giving it a slightly different look and a more exact countdown timer. Ghost's clock is now officially ticking down to Wednesday the 1st of June, which is when it plans to start taking pre-orders.
iridium protein

To get things going here in the first week of May, Performix has just confirmed another addition to its more advanced Iridium Series. The latest supplement joining the line is in fact one that was only launched a couple of months ago, the protein powder Pro Whey. The product is of course going to be different for the Iridium Series, although we don't yet know all of its details.
Save 20% on Muscle Delight with’s 6lb bundle
muscle delight

A couple of weeks ago we posted about iSatori's Bio-Active Whey Bundle, which put together to help fans of the Bio-Gro infused protein powder save money. The massive online store is now back again with a similar kind of thing, although this time around it's for Axis Labs' protein powder competitor Muscle Delight. Usually the supplement would cost you $31.99 a tub from, a value the new Muscle Delight Bundle beats by about 20%.
scitec intra-edge

Back at this year's Salon Mondial Fitness Expo in France, as it always does Scitec Nutrition unveiled a massive amount of new supplements. We saw BCAA Chews, a couple of shot formulas, and two entirely new series. One of those new series was the Scitec Pro Line, a collection of products put together with some of the brand's pro athletes. Today we've finally got details on one of those Pro Line items, the Cedric McMillan inspired Scitec Intra-Edge.
FitJoy launches its website and very vague social media accounts

Every now and then new brands pop up that we're told are well worth keeping an eye on. We never usually get a lot of information, which is exactly the case for today's new brand. The name we'd like to introduce to you today is FitJoy, a company that hasn't exactly released a whole lot of anything but we do know is going to be involved in the supplement industry.
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