Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Muscle Elements headed down under, PreCre and AmiNO Flow now available in Australia

Muscle Elements make their way to Australia

Following yesterday's teaser of something coming right before the Olympia from Muscle Elements. The fast growing brand have made a much less vague announcement, relating to their ever increasing reach. The news is of Muscle Element's range making it's way down under to PHD Online in Australia. As we have mentioned on previous occasions, the regulations in the area do make it a little difficult for capsule formulas to be sold. The result is that only two of Muscle Element's supplements have made the trip, our favorite amino AmiNO Flow and the top five pre-workout PreCre. Despite both fat burners Lean Works and 212 being left out of distribution, the brand have sent as much of their range as possible. With fruit punch and watermelon both landing down under for PreCre and AmiNO Flow. For those wondering if the products have been changed at all. You will be happy to hear that you will be getting the same experience we based our reviews on, as neither supplement has been altered for Australia.

Latest from Performax launched at Nutraplanet, stack CreMax creatine for just 60 cents a day

Performax Lab's new CreMax now available at Nutraplanet

It was just over a month ago that Performax Labs revealed their fourth supplement, the complex creatine formula CreMax. We were actually fortunate enough to be able to give that product away two weeks later, before it was even available on shelves. This week Performax's latest has now been released going on sale at the one place that does it best for the brand, Nutraplanet. The 30 serving CreMax has officially gone online at the popular launch store for the regular cost effective price of $17.99. There doesn't appear to be any signature introductory Nutraplanet deal just yet, which doesn't mean that there's not one on the way. However at $18 a bottle, and each full size tub packing a months supply, it is just 60 cents a day to add the supplement to your stack.

Hybrid Hump Day: Pump and focus powered pre-workout NeuroPump could be yours

Be in to win Hybrid Nutrition's latest release the pump and focus pre-workout NeuroPump

Hybrid Hump Day is back, giving you the chance to win one of Hybrid Nutrition's supplements to help get you through the rest of the week. Last week we moved from giving away the brand's latest release to giving away their muscle builder F1 Test. This week's prize goes back to Hybrid's latest, with the pump and focus based pre-workout NeuroPump. To get yourself in the draw, we are taking entries across all social media. For Facebook, like, share and comment on our competition post. Twitter, retweet, favorite and reply, and for Google+, +1 and reply. You are of course welcome to complete all actions on all three social media platforms, which will give you three entries. Tomorrow will be the day we announce the winner, so keep an eye on our social networks for the post of the lucky NeuroPump winner then. As well as on our giveaway results page where we are listing all of Hybrid Hump Day's July winners.

Myokem Lab deals now available to all, less than 24 hours left for Alphadex & Magnitropin

Myokem's Alphadex and Magnitropin deals now available to everyone

Yesterday Myokem launched their much hyped insider deal for their two new muscle builders Alphadex and Magnitropin. As with all insider deals, the three stacks put together for the release were only available to those who signed up to Myokem's Lab group. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Stacks are all two day only promotions, leaving fans just one day to decide on whether or not they want to invest. For those that did not sign up to the brand's Lab list, fortunately Myokem have passed on permission for us to share links to the offers that are in fact now available to everyone. As a quick catch up there are three stacks to choose from, the Bronze featuring both Alphadex and Magnitropin for $79.99. The Silver with the same two plus Pyroxamine or Nitramine for $99.99, and the Gold with all four Myokem supplements for $119.99. It is worth adding that shipping on any of the muscle building combinations is free, with accessories also being thrown in with the Silver and Gold Stacks. Just as we outlined yesterday, the launch deals are due to disappear at noon tomorrow, leaving a little under 24 hours for you to decide on what you want.

Seventh EVLution supplement revealed, BCAA Energy due to arrive sometime next week

EVLution reveal their seventh supplement BCAA Energy

EVLution Nutrition have been dropping teasers and previews left right and center lately, with a number of new products said to be on the way. One of the new supplements we actually got a few clues on over the weekend. An item the brand have in fact now confirmed as BCAA Energy. The latest from the year old EVL is as promised, a product that falls in to two categories the brand are currently competing in, with an energizing amino acid formula. While we have yet to get a look at the supplement's facts panel. We can see on the face of BCAA Energy that the product is dosed with 5g of BCAAs, which is actually 2g more than EVL's dedicated amino A-10. For now the news of the brand's seventh supplement and a basic idea of what it's all about, is all we have. Although we do know that this is the item EVL have planned for launch next week on August 1st, a few weeks before the brand's stimulant free fat burner LeanMode is set to arrive. Officially making BCAA Energy EVLution's sixth product, despite being revealed seventh.

No update on Accelerate pre-order, Gifted Nutrition two days over promised ship date

Gifted Nutrition pre-order has yet to ship two days after July 21st

When Gifted Nutrition's website first went online, all it's supplements were listed as out of stock but available for pre-order. Which in a number of launch posts floating around, Flex featuring one of them, the pre-orders were expected to be shipped on July 21st. We placed our order the day after Phil Heath's line was unveiled, with July 12th being the date stamped on order #100000022. While we were expecting an email on the Monday just been, it's been two days now since the promised July 21st and we have yet to get an update. There is the chance Gifted shipped our secured tub of Accelerate without an email, but even if that were true. With nothing on our doorstep and zero communication, from a customer's perspective this is rather poor service. We did email the brand on the Monday later in the afternoon, and while it was in regards to whether or not Gifted's pre-workout label was correct. Two days later we are still without a reply. At this point we aren't overly concerned about the status of our pre-order. Although if next week we are still in the same situation, we might be a bit more concerned about our $50 investment.

Sales and specials section now online, update on our spike free Stack3d Certified program

New deals section introduced as well as an update on Stack3d's Certified program

Some may have noticed over the past week we have been making quite a few changes to our website, putting together a couple of new areas all of which have been requested at some point. Over the weekend we updated our giveaway results page, and now we have another new section to introduce. The new area can be found in the pages menu linked in the crossbar under deals, on both our desktop and mobile versions. Basically it groups together all our sales and specials posts, giving those who are looking to save some money their very own filter. To add to our very own update, our focus is now on the Stack3d certified section. This is as some may remember, our effort to separate the proud spike free protein powders from the rest, posting lab test results of products brands have submitted. We are just about to get this thing moving after a long search for the right lab, and will hopefully be putting the spotlight on the supplements that deserve it sometime next month.

Value sizes coming to MuscleMed's beef proteins, save with 8lb Carnivor and 10lb Carnivor Mass

MuscleMeds due to release a 8lb Carnivor and 10lb Carnivor Mass

This year has already brought plenty of new variants for MuscleMed's Carnivor, with Carnivor Bars, the caffeinated Raging Bull Series 1lber, and enough flavors to double the supplement's menu. While that would definitely be considered enough as far as adding to any product, flagship or not, it turns out the brand aren't quite done yet. MuscleMeds have in fact got two more products on the way, both variants of current Carnivor supplements. The first item is a new larger size of the original Carnivor, going twice the product's biggest option at the moment with an 8lb bag. The second item is very similar to the larger Carnivor, although instead of the regular beef protein it's a bigger Carnivor Mass volume, with a 10lb bag. Neither the 8lb Carnivor or the 10lb Mass have yet to show up, with unfortunately no official arrival date set. We do know however that when they do fans will only be able to grab the value size Carnivor in two of it's nine flavors chocolate or vanilla, with 100% of Mass's menu expected to be on making it to the 10lb.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#1 pre-workout on sale at, ANS Ritual for less than 50 cents a serving

ANS Performance Ritual on sale at less than 50 cents a serving

We tend get this question almost everyday, what's the best pre-workout? For those that haven't seen our top 10 list, the supplement sitting at #1 for us is ANS Ritual. A product that has been sitting there for well over a year now. If for some reason the strongest and most complete pre-workout doesn't do it for you, we then suggest making your way down the list. Today however we have something for those that don't need to go down the list, and 100% agree on Ritual being at the top. What we have is a deal that should sort you out for quite some time with a sale on the ANS innovation. The place to go is who have the 30 serving Ritual at $24.99 and the original 45 at $31.49. The offer is buy one 45 serving and get a second half price, with each bottle working out be cheaper than the 30 at under $24. To make the promotion even better if you have participated in's supplement awards, throw in your 10% off coupon and you'll be getting Ritual at less than 50 cents a serving.

Latest hint it's not a protein bar, next Quest Nutrition release could be Protein Chips

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips could be the brand's next release

Yesterday Quest Nutrition started teasing their next new release, which as mentioned this morning we expect to be one of the five the brand talked about earlier in the year. As a follow up to their teaser Quest have dropped a hint, saying that what they have coming is not a Quest Bar. That was of course something we didn't think would be the case anyway. Purely because the fraction of the packaging we could see suggested it was a packet of some sort. While nothing else has been said outside of the hint, we did get sent a picture this morning, one that we will unfortunately not be able to upload. We can however tell that this picture has a product titled Quest Nutrition Protein Chips. Of course with nothing official from the brand we do not know if this is theirs, or if it is what they have coming. We do know though that it definitely looks like a Quest supplement, it matches the hint and portion of the teaser image. But most of all it is one of the things we put our money on back in March.