Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Upcoming fat burner officially titled Trans4orm, five effects promised for next EVL release

EVL reveal title and effects for their stimulant powered fat burner Trans4orm

Last week EVLution Nutrition gave us a blank bottle to tease their upcoming stimulant based fat burner. The supplement is intended to be the follow up to the brand's most recent release, a product from the same category, the stimulantless Lean Mode. Now a week later EVL have given us the official name of their coming soon supplement, another one like ENGN making use of word play called Trans4orm. To go with the title the brand have also given us a close up look at the product's bottle confirming effects and highlights. It seems EVL are planning on delivering a total of five effects with Trans4orm, focus, energy, boosted metabolism, appetite suppression, and thermogenesis. Basically all the features of your usual stimulant powered weight loss formula, with what ever ingredients EVL are relying on being pushed into a two capsule serving, at 60 servings per bottle. From what we know the supplement is still set for launch sometime next month, leaving the next likely step for Trans4orm being a facts panel release.

Magnum preview hints with the word 'tissue', more Mimic details not due until September

Magnum preview their next new supplement the presumed fat burner Mimic

Magnum Nutraceuticals have passed of an image of new supplement on the way, leaving us with yet another mystery product. As you can see above, the picture does give us the name Mimic, printed in shades of green on a bright white bottle. At first glance it does seem that the title is all we have, with the question marked post-it covering the rest. On closer inspection however we do get another word, 'tissue'. Based on all the supplements we've seen, tissue generally only enters the discussion when we're talking about weight loss, for example 'get rid of adipose tissue'. Without the rest of the line on Magnum's new Mimic, we can't of course confirm that we are looking at a fat burner, although to us it definitely fits the bill. The second detail we have is a bottle count that appears to read 60 capsules, which if true works out to be a two capsule serving going off a full months supply. Again based on all the products we've seen, a capsule formula, two pill serving, and the use of the word tissue, almost has us 100% certain on Mimic being a weight loss supplement. To make the Magnum mystery slightly more interesting, we are all going to have to hold on to today's partial preview image, as it looks like we won't be seeing anything else on Mimic until next month.

Latest clue in mystery Truth build up, could Muscle Elements be going open label?

Muscle Elements release another clue for their mystery September 1st announcement

Muscle Elements have today passed on the latest clue in the mystery build up to their big September 1st announcement. We've previously seen clues, hints and images suggest that whatever is coming, basically has to do with staying true to the consumer and telling the truth. The new image from the brand furthers that idea, spelling out the word Truth and linking each letter to a related word. According to Muscle Elements Truth stands for 'Taking Responsibility to Utilize Transparency & Honesty'. For us the key word in there is transparency, which leads us once again back to believing we're looking at something product related. As per usual, we really have no idea what's coming outside of it being seemingly noble. But seeing as we've taken a stab with every other clue, we're going to say maybe Muscle Elements are going from blend to open label. At the moment all four of their supplements feature proprietaries, so full transparency is definitely a possibility. You can of course take what you want from the brand's latest clue, although we will soon find out who is right or wrong as Muscle Element's September 1st deadline is exactly 12 days away.

Labrada's one of a kind released, multi-purpose Peanut Protein hits

Labrada's Jamie Eason Signature Series Peanut Protein launched

While we are more used to seeing supplement companies come in late, or more recently a little bit early. Labrada's unique Jamie Eason Signature Series Peanut Protein, has arrived in the month of August as promised. The product has officially gone on sale at one of the more popular retailers around, who have it valued slightly better than what we thought it would be. The price the Labrada stockist have put on the roasted peanut sourced protein is $37.49, for a 30 serving 3lb tub. Yes it is a little expensive compared to a regular 30 serving whey or isolate protein powder. However being that it is the first major peanut protein we know of, we expected the brand to really take advantage of that. Just to go that little bit further on the topic of value, even though the Jamie Eason supplement could be used by men. In terms of female formulas, Peanut Protein more than competes with what else is out there, especially when you factor in it's unique angle. For more information on the product drop by Labrada's website, where you can also actually purchase Jamie Eason's Peanut Protein for the same price as

Protein snack gets it's fourth one year after release, Detour add peanut butter chocolate to SMART Bar

Detour introduce another flavor for their SMART Bars with peanut butter chocolate

Detour this week have introduced a new variant for one of their many on-the-go protein snacks. The item being added to isn't their RTD, Lean Muscle, Oatmeal, regular or Lower Sugar bars, but their gluten free whole grain solution, the SMART Bar. The supplement first popped up on our radar around this time last year, launching in three flavors apple cinnamon, blueberry, and cranberry flax. Just over one year later Detour have now confirmed a fourth option for the product, with a not so fruity recipe in peanut butter chocolate. The variant is of course almost identical in facts compared to the other three SMART Bars, listing the highest amount of protein on the menu at 11g. The lowest amount of carbohydrates at 16g, and unfortunately the highest amount of fat at 6g (1g saturated), more than double apple cinnamon and blueberry. If you are interested in trying the new bar from Detour, some stores do already seem to be stocking it. Although if your usual retailer isn't, the brand are selling it direct at $14.85 for a box of nine.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jim Stoppani details his sixth supplement, Alpha Jym revealed and due as early as Friday

Jim Stoppani's testosterone booster Alpha Jym revealed and detailed

Back when Jim Stoppani launched his fifth formula, the protein powder Pro Jym, two other areas of interest for Stoppani were mentioned. One of the two was testosterone, which the fitness and nutrition icon has followed through on with his latest product Alpha Jym. Stoppani has today unveiled the supplement, confirming that it is actually already in all of his exclusive retailer's warehouses, and could be on sale as early as Friday. To go with the Jym product reveal, the latest in the fully transparent line has also had it's label released. Being that the supplement's been put together by Jim Stoppani, every feature of course comes with an explanation that can be found in a lengthy Alpha Jym description. For those just after the contents list, in short the product features a total of six ingredients with 500mg of fenugreek, 500mg damiana, 250mg DIM (diindolylmethane), 500mg ashwagandha, 100mg eurycoma longifolia (100:1) and 250mg quercetin. The set of six have all been rolled up into a three capsule serving, with two servings to be taken every day, seeing the 180 capsule bottle last one month. Despite Stoppani saying that Alpha Jym is already at, the online store have yet to list the supplement, even as coming soon. With that said, seeing as the stock is now in the right place, there aren't many things that can hold Stoppani's sixth back from actually launching as soon as Friday.

Nutrex come through on August 19th promise, Adipodex and Hibern8 launched right on time

Nutrex launch Adipodex and Hibern8 right on time as promised

As promised Nutrex have launched their two new supplements right on time, August 19th. Both the fat burner Adipodex and the sleep aid Hibern8 have gone on sale direct from the brand, both with as you would expect relatively high prices. Fortunately if you do want to get in early before the items hit retailers, there is a way you can save money. While Nutrex have uploaded Adipodex for $49.95 and Hibern8 for $44.95, both can be purchased with a buy two get one free offer. The promotion drops the super thermogenic down to $33.30 a bottle and the sleep formula to $29.97. It may not come as much of a surprise but those are also the prices expected to be put on the products in stores, or thereabouts. They are similar to what can be seen at Supplement Central, who are listing all three of the new Nutrex supplements as coming soon. To add to today's release the brand have also cleared something up, and that is the line in which Adipodex, Hibern8 and Outlift are a part of. Despite their different imagery, Nutrex have put the three in their Black Series along side Hemo Rage, T-Up and the like. With Adipodex and Hibern8 now launched, as the brand promised almost one month ago. We move our attention to Outlift, the pre-workout of the three due to arrive next month.

CARNmore same style name and formula, Controlled reveal their carnitine individual

Controlled Labs reveal their latest supplement the individual CARNmore
Today Controlled Labs have revealed their first release since the dedicated pump pre-workout White Pump. The title of their new supplement is CARNmore, making use of the same naming convention as Controlled's CLA based CLAmore. While it's name is very similar, CARNmore also borrows the same style of contents as CLAmore, as it is too an individual ingredient formula. If you couldn't guess it from the name,

MTS Nutrition Whey flavors brushed aside, Machine Fuel due to get it's third this week

Marc Lobliner introduces a third flavor for MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel

While Marc Lobliner's banana MTS Nutrition Whey, and mystery flavor that apparently has never been done before, are still on the way. In the mean time the amino spiking leader has actually confirmed the coming of another flavor, for an entirely different supplement. The MTS product Lobliner has added to is the intra-workout formula Machine Fuel, the one fans will also know for it's massive cost effective 95 serving tub. The taste joining the supplement's current two options watermelon and grape, is another fruity variant in mixed berry. To help ensure fans get the new flavor to fit their stacking needs, it is being listed for both of it's sizes, the regular 30 and aforementioned 95 serving. Lobliner has said the third Machine Fuel is due to arrive this week, so if you want to get it first keep your eyes on Tiger Fitness, the place that usually launches MTS supplements.

Up and coming Dedicated tease reformulation, BCAA Sensation getting more than a new menu

Dedicated Nutrition reformulating their essential BCAA Sensation

While a lot of our attention has been going to Dedicated Nutrition's pre-workout supplement Unstoppable. The brand do in fact of other products, one of which we have been able to try, BCAA Sensation. We will of course be reviewing it eventually when we get another sample or two, however as it turns out we may need to hold off for a bit. Dedicated have confirmed, that they are actually in the middle of reformulating their essential supplement. According to the brand they are going to double the amount BCAAs, as well as throw in some exclusive Dedicated ingredients to help increase performance in the gym. Being the top brand that they are, Dedicated's efforts don't end there as they are also promising a revamped menu. The tastes being teased for the update are exotic fruit, mango peach and strawberry kiwi orange. One of which can already be found in BCAA Sensation's current four piece menu, with the others all original. Dedicated are only promising their new formula as coming soon, but with the update in it's final stages it can't be too far away.