Carbon by Layne Norton tees join the supplements at

Like all good supplement companies Layne Norton has put together a few tees to give his fans the ability to show their support for his new brand Carbon. While they don't feature any kind of special graphic or text with just the Carbon logo on the chest, it is more than enough to let people know what brand you're behind. As you can see above Layne Norton has produced a total of three identically printed shirts, each a different color in black, charcoal heather and white, and all coming in five sizes, small to 2XL. Just like the Carbon supplements the tees are only available at the brand's exclusive retailer,, for the fairly low price of $12.99.
Oh Yeah! Whey Power revealed and released in three flavors
whey power

Oh Yeah Nutrition has just introduced an all new protein powder officially titled Whey Power. The supplement is strangely enough a lot like the brand's other protein product, Total Protein System, being a straightforward formula. By straightforward we mean it features all the usual macros, high protein and low carbohydrates, as well as the typical protein sources. Fortunately unlike most new supplements Oh Yeah has both revealed and released Whey Power today, both confirming all its details and putting it on sale.
Nitro-Tech Zero Carb looking a lot like the Platinum Series ISO Zero
nitro-tech zero carb

The least surprising formula of Muscletech's three new international exclusive proteins is Nitro-Tech Zero Carb. The main reason we say that is because the brand does in fact already have a product very similar. The item we're talking about is the Platinum Series ISO Zero, although there is also the Performance Series ISO Zero which like Nitro-Tech Zero Carb is an international only supplement. While Zero Carb does have its similarities to the Performance ISO Zero, it is definitely the Platinum version it has a lot more in common with.
Muscletech mass gainer Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass featuring 11g of creatine
nitro-tech rapid mass

Out of Muscletech's three international exclusive Nitro-Techs, Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass is the biggest of them all. That is of course because it is the mass gainer of the three with each tub weighing in at 5lbs. Like the other two supplements Nitro-Tech Hyper-Build and Nitro-Tech Zero-Carb, we don't know everything about Rapid Mass just yet, although we can confirm what looks to be all its important numbers.
Nitro-Tech Hyper Build featuring a 1:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio
nitro-tech hyper build

With Muscletech's Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass being the gainer, and Zero Carb going in the complete opposite direction with as few calories as possible. It only makes sense that one of the brand's three new international exclusive supplements is somewhere in the middle. That is exactly what Nitro-Tech Hyper Build is, featuring an even balance of protein and carbohydrates, as well as a few other ingredients.
Muscletech confirms three more Nitro-Techs for international fans

Back at the Olympia Muscletech unveiled a handful of new protein powders introducing a bigger Nitro-Tech, and two new versions of the supplement with Nitro-Tech Power and Nitro-Tech Ripped. The brand has now actually confirmed three more Nitro-Techs, all of which are just like Power and Ripped being different versions of the product and will in fact only be available outside the US. The official titles of the supplements are Nitro-Tech Rapid Mass, Nitro-Tech Zero-Carb and Nitro-Tech Hyper-Build. While we don't have everything you need to know about the spin-off protein powders just yet, we've got enough details to give you an idea on what they're all about. Simply click on the names listed and you'll be taken to a post with all we have on each product at the moment.
Carb Killa review: Cookies & Cream proves Grenade didn’t just get lucky

Ever since Grenade confirmed another flavor for its high protein treat Carb Killa, we've been wanting to try it out. Before we even found out that is was Cookies & Cream, we were already pretty sure it was going to be a good one. Our trust in the brand and its product is purely based on the quality of Carb Killa's previously only option Caramel Chaos. We recently managed to get a hold of a few Cookies & Cream Carb Killas, bringing you today's flavor review of Grenade's second effort.
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