Wednesday, April 23, 2014

13th Bulk Series supplement Glutamine, AI's latest well worth purchasing direct for freebie

AI Sports release their 13th individual ingredient supplement Glutamine

AI Sports have just released another new product for the year, with the 13th entry into their basic Bulk Series. Over the past few months we have seen quite a bit from the brand, most the attention coming from the launch of their pre-workout Furious. AI's latest formula however steps away from the complex side of things, seeing a supplement make use of just it's title ingredient Glutamine. Squeezed into each tub of the new product is 300g of unflavored glutamine, with each of it's 100 scoops leveling out to 3g. AI have already uploaded the individual supplement to their official store, and while it's price of $24.99 may seem a bit steep. If you do decide to order from the brand's website, you will get a free 120 capsule bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract. As a part of AI's April no coupon code no minimum promotion.

4 month old EVP Plus gets a second, Evogen add raspberry to their pre-workout menu

Evogen produce a second flavor for EVP Plus with raspberry lemonade

EVP Plus may only be as old as Christmas of last year, however Evogen have already introduced a second flavor for the product. The pre-workout's predecessor before being discontinued, featured two tastes with grape and it's 2013 addition strawberry kiwi. The sequel supplement has now matched that menu amount, seeing peach mango being joined by raspberry lemonade. As per usual Evogen have been quick to upload their latest EVP Plus option to their own direct store, listing it with no change in price at $64.95. For now most of the brand's stockists are just sitting on the original flavor peach mango. Which we do expect to be joined by the new raspberry lemonade sometime over the next month or so.

Beef based duo welcome in mass variant, Scitec Nutrition make it three with Beef Muscle

Scitec Nutrition release a beef based mass protein Beef Muscle
Following on from their last two supplement releases, 100% Beef Concentrate and 100% Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate. Scitec Nutrition have revealed a third beef based protein powder simply titled Beef Muscle. While the latest from the European company does give provide a bit of information in it's name, the main thing separating Beef Muscle

Beta Nitro preview followed by Neuro 8, SNI looking to launch two pre-workouts

SNI reveal their pre-workout supplement Neuro 8

The company that last week basically came back to life with the reveal of their first product in a very long time, have now followed up on their promise of more new supplements. SNI's Hardcore Series Beta Nitro a presumed pre-workout, has been joined by Neuro 8, an official pre-workout. Despite the fact that we are left wondering just how much of an energizing formula Beta Nitro is, if Neuro 8 is destined for the same category. What's equally as interesting is Neuro 8's appearance, as it features a look very different to that of any other SNI product, separating itself from the rest. To add to the news, unlike last week's unveiling the brand have released the facts panel for their latest preview. Confirming Neuro 8 as a simple five ingredient transparently dosed formula made up of l-arginine ethyl ester 2g, beta-alanine at 2g, n-acetyl l-tyrosine at 800mg, creatine HCl at 750mg and caffeine at 300mg. There is no word on when Neuro 8 will be launched, although based on the workings of SNI's website and past releases. It may be best to just keep an eye out at stockists as it might just show up one day.

Nuclear X review sees good energy but that's it, MET-Rx proves good doses don't always work

Review of MET-Rx's 2014 pre-workout supplement Nuclear X

Nuclear X is the pre-workout that showed up here and there from MET-Rx over a week or two, and then later moved onto shelves around a month after it first surfaced. When it's formula was finally revealed we felt it was definitely a supplement worth reviewing, more so when it showed up on with an introductory discount. Basically Nuclear features strong doses of a lot of common ingredients, going from caffeine at 400mg to CarnoSyn beta-alanine at a high 4.8g. While there are a couple of other pre-workouts we have come across recently with contents as heavy as MET-Rx's product. After putting Nuclear to the test and as you will read in our review today, this supplement has very little in common with other pre-workouts.

PTF V2 now available for pre-order, Gamma Lab's pre-workout sequel valued at $39.95

Gamma Labs now taking pre-orders for their new PTF V2

While there are already quite a few supplements signed up for launch in May, with the likes of Metabolic's reformulated Synedrex and Muscle Sport's Rhino Revolution 2.0. Gamma Labs have finally set their release date for PTF V2 as the first day of the month. For those that have been following, the brand have already revealed everything you need to know about the product. So it should come as no surprise that V2's latest development is the most logical one. Gamma are now taking pre-orders for their new and improved pre-workout, which are due to be shipped on the May 1st launch day. The place to go to secure yourself a bottle of PTF V2 is of course Gamma Lab's website, where the supplement has been valued at $39.95 in either blue raspberry or fruit punch. We can only assume the pre-sale opportunity will close before the product is officially released. However what we don't know is if the price will change once the supplement is available, or if you are going to be able to order V2 on May 1st.

Commodities supplements detailed with doses, Core individuals beginning to show up in stores

Details on Core Nutritionals seven Core Commodities supplements

Last week Core Nutritionals announced that their new seven product Core Commodities line wasn't far away, with this week bringing each of the supplement's individual details. Starting off with Core's BCAA, the product packs the usual 2:1:1 BCAA ratio listing 60 5g scoops per tub. Next we have Creatine Monohydrate featuring it's title ingredient with 80 5g scoops, and Glutamine showing off the same amount of size as Core's BCAA at 60 5g scoops. Moving onto the lesser seen basics Core have Beta Alanine, a supplement making use of the popular CarnoSyn beta-alanine, at 3.2g a scoop with 62 and a half scoops per tub. Next we have Agmatine Sulfate listing 60 500mg scoops, then HMB at 90 1g servings, and rounding out the Commodities collection Taurine with 100 2.5g scoops of l-taurine per tub. We are still short on arrival dates for the Core series, however some of the products have already been spotted at stockists. Suggesting that it's only a matter of time before the range moves everywhere, as well as direct for Core's promised launched specials.

Update: Core have now released their Commodities line direct with an introductory offer of a free shaker and power band with any three Core products.

Cannibal Alpha, Claw and Davinci giveaway, Chaos and Pain's upcoming three up for grabs

Chaos and Pain giving away Cannibal Claw, Alpha and Davinci before release

Since early March Chaos and Pain have been talking on and off about their three upcoming supplements, that are expected to double the size of their range. The small group of products is made up of Cannibal Alpha, Cannibal Claw and the only one of the three yet to be detailed Cannibal Davinci. While no additional bits of information have been released about any of the formulas. Chaos and Pain are looking to give a few lucky fans a chance to try the supplements before they go on sale. All you have to do to get yourself in the draw is share the brand's competition post on their Facebook page, and if you haven't already. Sign up to Chaos and Pain's newsletter, and you're good to go. There have yet to be any cut off or selection dates set for the early bird opportunity. However seeing as there are products up for grabs, with a shot and trying Cannibal Alpha, Claw and Davinci roughly two weeks before they hit shelves. It would be in your best interest to enter the promotion as soon as you can.

Category 5 and Super 8 information uploaded, Muscleology website updated with little change

Muscleology update their website with a very familiar theme

Fans of Muscleology may have noticed that over the past month or so their favorite brand's website has been out of commission. The warning visitors were welcomed with was that the site was being upgraded, although you could still visit the older version. Muscleology have now completed their construction, revealing a website that looks an awful lot like the last one, with an almost identical design and layout. One of the new features that the update has brought, which is a lot more interesting than the site's familiar theme. Are product pages for Muscleology's two most recent releases, the creatine Category 5 and the BCAA Super 8. While the uploading of the supplement's information doesn't show us anything new, it does give future followers of the brand a place to see everything Muscleology have to offer. If you would like to check out somewhat new and improved website, the address has remained the same at

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Peanut butter fluff hits Tiger Fitness, MTS Whey's fourth launched a week after reveal

MTS Nutrition MTS Whey peanut butter fluff available at Tiger Fitness

It was only last week that Marc Lobliner announced the coming of his fourth MTS Nutrition Whey flavor, which is now available from Tiger Fitness. The latest taste to hit the Protein Wars runner-up is peanut butter fluff, giving MTS Whey the full set of non-fruity common flavors. The usual cost of the protein powder is $52.99, a value that has unfortunately not changed for the arrival of Lobliner's peanut butter variant. For those of you who get their MTS supplements outside of Tiger Fitness. The product's fourth option is expected to eventually hit places like Muscle & Strength, however there is no word on when.