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Primeval Labs has finally dropped the label for Pyretic, its next entry into the competitive world of weight loss. The stimulant free supplement was officially made available for pre-order last Monday, however it was missing its label which might have made it a little difficult for anyone to confidently pre-order. Regardless Pyretic’s list of ingredients is now available, just a few weeks before the product is expeted to arrive.


Last week at the Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo, Performix treated us to quite a few new supplement unveilings. In total it introduced three products, the ISO 9:2:2 spin-off ISO-Sym, the Iridium Series SSTi Powder, and a creatine formula called Crea-Bead. Today we have all the details on the last one on that list, Crea-Bead, including its size, flavors, and more importantly, its list of ingredients.

Mango Margarita said to make it three for USP’s new AmionLift+

Yesterday evening USP Labs launched the sequel to its caffeinated amino competitor AminoLift, officially titled AminoLift+. All of its details were revealed, confirming an increase in aminos, more transparency with its BCAAs, and a simplified energy blend. The brand also introduced the supplement with an incredible deal as it does with all of its new releases, although it turns out there might be something missing.

dymatize elite protein bar

When Dymatize Nutrition originally announced its rebrand, we were expecting to see a few entirely new products. Those of you that have been following the story will know it did take the brand quite some time to actually apply its new look to a supplement, which we only just saw last week with ISO 100. We’ve now got details on one of the entirely new products the rebrand is bringing, with the Dymatize Elite Protein Bar.

Stimulant powered Giant Rush now starting to show up in the US

Fans of Giant Sports located in the US, that have been waiting for the brand’s multi-use stimulant formula Giant Rush. Can now actually get their hands on the DMHA infused product from one of its major retailers. Surprisingly the supplement hasn’t been added to Giant’s own website, although it does have its other recently released items on there, Giant BCAA and the reformulated Giant Pump.

UPS Protein’s game changer now comes in boxes of 24

When UPS Protein first introduced its high protein chocolate, Chocabolic, it was only available in single bar amounts. At just $4.50 AUD ($3.30 USD) it’s an incredibly worthwhile buy, especially if you’ve seen our Chocabolic review. Earlier this month UPS actually launched something that gives all of those that have become addicted to the real chocolate like protein treat, a more cost-effective way to purchase it.

Black Market launches Pina Colada AdreNOlyn for June

Just as it’s been doing for more than three years now, Black Market has finished off the month of June with another limited edition pre-workout flavor. Last month we actually saw the brand introduce its 34th unique Guerrilla Edition flavor with the industry first Moonshine. This time around however we haven’t been treated to another unique option, although it may initially sound like it.

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