Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two new Nutrex Muscle Infusion flavors rumored to be quite fitting

Two new Nutrex Muscle Infusion flavors expected to be chocolate peanut butter and banana

Nutrex's now one and only protein powder Muscle Infusion was recently spotted in the back of a family photograph showing off a total of six of the brand's supplements, all in their new labels. Most of the image was made up of entirely new products with Outlift, Outrage, Hibern8 and Adipodex. Regardless it was the first time the protein powder had been seen in the 2014 branding, really confirming it's future with Nutrex. Initially it didn't seem like the brand had changed anything, although all we could really see was it's title. It turns out something will be changed for the fresh faced Muscle Infusion, with two new flavors being added to it's menu. If Nutrex have kept the supplement's original list of tastes intact, we know we're already in for the classics, chocolate, vanilla and cookies. As for the two upcoming options the brand have yet to say anything, word is however that we're in for chocolate peanut butter and either banana or chocolate banana. None of those flavors are official or have come from Nutrex, just tastes that are rumored and coincidentally quite fitting for what will be a five flavor menu for Muscle Fusion.

6 Pack's Executive 300 Briefcase drops space for 2 containers for $10

Six Pack release their more compact Executive Briefcase with room for four meals

One of our most favorite 6 Pack innovations, the Executive Briefcase has received the same treatment as the brand's iconic Innovator bag. At the Olympia 6 Pack debuted their Innovator Mini, a more compact variant of the three meal Innovator 300. The brand have now released a more compact variant of the Executive Briefcase, which originally had enough room for the full set of six meal containers. The latest from 6 Pack is called the Executive 300 Briefcase, a four container version that by the looks of things comes with everything the original Executive 500 does, aside of course from the space for two additional containers. While it is quite impressive that the brand have been able to drop down the size of the meal compartment, without getting rid of any of the Executive's little extras. The new bag's price does reflect how small of a drop in size 6 Pack have made, and possibly how difficult it might have been. The regular cost of the Executive 500 direct is $199.99, with the 300 version valued just $10 cheaper at $189.99. The difference really creates a bit of a price versus style argument, as even though the 500 is obviously more cost effective. If you are going for the professional look Six Pack are promoting, the less is more approach may be what you're after despite the 300's unexpected price point.

Proccor Tuesday: Go in the draw to win the pro-grade hyper hydration formula Intralyte

Go in the draw to win Proccor's hydration formula Intralyte

Proccor are back again today for another Proccor Tuesday, giving you the chance to get a taste of what the relatively new brand have to offer. Over the past two weeks we've had the brand's pre-workout Pre-Rx available as the prize, with this week bringing a bit of a change. Instead of Proccor's energizing formula, today we have their hyper hydration supplement up for grabs Intralyte. For more information on the product check out the brand's website where like their other three transparent formulas, you can see each ingredient in the supplement along side it's dose. To get yourself in the draw to win Proccor's Intralyte, head on over to our Facebook, then like, share and comment on today's competition post. The winner will be randomly selected and announced around this time tomorrow, where the new Intralyte owner will need to email in their details to claim the prize. The usual terms and conditions apply, with Proccor Tuesday only open to those located in the US and with a Facebook account to complete the entry steps required.

EST unveil another new supplement, E-Bolish sequel E-Bolish XT on it's way

EST unveil another new supplement, the anti-estrogen sequel E-Bolish XT

For those keeping track at home, EST Nutrition are currently sitting on a total of four unreleased supplements. So far the brand have unveiled the fat burner Thermo-Fast, vitality matrix H-Tropin, pump pre-workout Vaso-Spaz, and the amino Aminoaid. Today EST have once again added to that list of coming soon products with the anti-estrogen formula E-Bolish XT, a sequel to the original topical E-Bolish. Like with every other one of the brand's reveals, we have just the face of the supplement to go off. On the label EST list four highlights with testosterone support, anti-estrogen, libido & vitality, and probably the most important one, 100% safe. In terms of serving size, unlike it's predecessor we can see that E-Bolish XT is a capsule product packing 30 per bottle, presumably working to be one a day. The expected arrival time on this one is much like all the others, uncertain. However EST did say they had a lot planned for early next yeah, which is likely to include E-Bolish XT.

UPS pre-workout as Crazy as it's title

Review of UPS new pre-workout supplement Crazy

Crazy is Ultimate Performance Supplement's latest and greatest, a product designed to dominate the pre-workout category. Being that the brand are mostly located in Australia, their competition obviously isn't as fierce as it would be here in the US. Regardless of where the supplement calls home, we were fortunate enough to get a full size tub of Crazy direct from UPS. Over the past month we have been putting that tub to the test and actually seeing how it compares to the international range of pre-workouts we've experienced. The product is a DMBA formula, so it may not be around for much longer. However if countries do decide to start banning 1,3 dimethylbutylamine, we can tell you right now that Crazy is one of the supplements you'll want to stock up on.

Bodybuilding.com EVL exclusive unveiled, self explanatory EVL Test due to launch next month

EVL Test confirmed as Bodybuilding.com exclusive EVL supplement

EVLution Nutrition have today unveiled the supplement that has been designed for, and will exclusively be sold through Bodybuilding.com. The product is officially titled EVL Test, which as you might have gathered from just it's name is indeed a testosterone boosting formula. Along with the preview picture revealing the title, the brand have also released a list of highlights for the upcoming supplement. Leading with the obvious one first we have testosterone boosting, followed by strength, stamina, performance and healthy sleep support. Basically EVL are promising what almost every muscle builder does, which leaves us looking forward to seeing what's actually in EVL Test. Usually we would take a product's capsule count and amount of servings as something to go off for contents estimates, however the brand's EVL Test image only confirms a total of 30 servings and that's it. EVL are saying the supplement's formula has been finalized, so a facts panel shouldn't be too far away with it's actual arrival expected in around four weeks time, mid next month.

Half kilo flavor added to PhD Nutrition's largest Diet Whey menu

The brand currently in a battle against Universal Nutrition's Ultra Whey Pro in our second annual Protein Wars, have added to one of their protein powders. PhD Nutrition who are currently losing to Universal, have confirmed another flavor for their supplement that's not in the Protein Wars, Diet Whey. Fans may remember that back in August the brand did add to this very product, introducing a number of new flavors for various sizes of the protein powder. Diet Whey's 2kg was the one that got the most interest, seeing three new options added to it's menu, taking it to a total of eight. PhD have now gone one more to nine, with the product getting a taste that was previously only on Diet Whey's 500g menu, banana. The brand have got the classic flavor already available on their website, which this time around may not be a bad place to buy it from. While PhD's direct price is £69.99, the 2kg Diet Whey for a limited time also comes with a free bottle of CLA, a branded Blender Bottle and a 12 pack box of PhD's Diet Cookies.

Australia's UPS tesing three reformulated or entirely new supplements

Despite only just being introduced to Ultimate Performance Solutions in the beginning of the year, at Australia's FileX Expo in Melbourne. The brand from down under have definitely been one of the more exciting ones to follow this year. UPS have managed to get out a few new flavors, the pre-workout Crazy which will have it's review posted later today, and plenty of details on upcoming formulas. The latter is something we have more on today, with confirmation of three new or reformulated supplements in the works. UPS have previewed a trio of beta bottles labeled with their categories naming a mass gainer, creatine and what sounds like a fat burner going by the name burn caps. Being three major product categories it's no surprise that the brand are already in all of them with Pro-Form, Ultimate Creatine and Thermo8or. It's because of those three that we are left wondering whether or not the teased supplements are reformulations or entirely new products. Time as per usual will tell, which could be as short as a month and a half, the time it took for UPS Crazy to go from beta bottle to shelves.

A bit more information on Myokem's upcoming mystery supplement

A bit more information on Myokem's upcoming supplement

Two weeks ago Myokem dropped the smallest of bombs, saying that they had at least one more new supplement in the tank for 2014. The news was made even more exciting when they said the product was going to be available sometime in November. Being arguably the biggest brand of the year, it only made sense that the teaser turn quite a few heads. Today we have a bit of an update, confirming that the upcoming Myokem supplement will see the brand enter a category they are not currently in. In our last post this was something we touched on, questioning the possibility of Myokem introducing another fat burner, pre-workout or muscle builder. We can now rule out those possibilities, which still leaves plenty of places for the brand to go. While we are all speculating at this point, we're feeling a creatine, post-workout or going by trends, an amino cocktail. Myokem haven't change their planned month of release, so we are still on for November putting the mystery product out in a minimum of 10 days or maximum of 40.

New phosphatidic acid individual Mastodon from Scitec now available

Scitec Nutrition's new individual phosphatidic acid supplement Mastodon, has now officially gone from beta-test bottle to launch in just over two weeks. The product originally surfaced as only being talked about, followed by a bit of an update, then a confirmation of it's contents. Today Scitec have released any and everything to do with Mastodon, including a presence on their website. With the official posting of information we can say that we were spot in reading the 750mg clinical dose of phosphatidic acid per three capsule serving, as well as correct in listing 30 days supply per box of Mastodon. Today's post really just confirms that the brand's muscle building supplement, from we can see is now available. As mentioned Scitec have also added Mastodon to their website giving you a look at the contents of the product, and a rather short description of the up and coming phophatidic acid. The one and only ingredient in the supplement.