Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chaos and Pain set a date for their first Pwnd Series supplement Aggro

Chaos and Pain set a date for their first Pwnd Series supplement Aggro

Just like what happened yesterday with Black Market Labs and Black Friday, some information has come in regarding our Weekend of Chaos sponsor Chaos and Pain. The exciting news is the brand have officially set a date for their first Pwnd Gamerz Series supplement, the coordination and focus hyperdrive formula Aggro. The product which Chaos and Pain only recently decided to change the contents of due to the AMP/DMBA drama, is set to go on sale in exactly one week's time. The brand have confirmed Aggro's official launch date as November 1st, giving the Pwnd Series supplement yet another Chaos and Pain weekend release. To help make the product's arrival that much more interesting, the brand are going to be throwing in free Pwnd tees with orders of Aggro. We don't quite know the price on the supplement just yet, but with the launch presumably going to be direct we can't imagine the product costing anywhere over $40 seeing as the rest of Chaos and Pain's line isn't.

Cannibal Ferox and Permaswole up for grabs this week's Weekend of Chaos

With giveaways running every weekday now, Chaos and Pain is the brand that have come to the rescue for our weekends with a supplement up for grabs each day. Over the past month we've been putting up appropriate pairs of products for Saturdays and Sundays with the likes of the Olympus Series duo Mercury and Helios, the fat burners Cannibal Inferno and Claw, as well as the stimulant free Cannibal Genius and Da Vinci. For this weekend we have the pre-workout combination of Cannibal Ferox and the pump formula Cannibal Permaswole. To get yourself in the draw to win Ferox, today's prize, head on over to our Facebook page, then like, share and comment on today's competition post. We will be randomly selecting the lucky pre-workout winner around midday tomorrow, then posting their name to social media and our giveaway winners page. As per usual the contest is only open to those located in the US and with a Facebook account to complete the entry steps.

Contents confirmed for EST's sequel pre-workout MethylMass 2.0

A few months ago the now very busy EST Nutrition promised the coming of a sequel to their fan favorite pre-workout, MethylMass. The name the brand gave the supplement was simply MethylMass 2.0, which was actually confirmed all the way back in May. It seems EST are almost ready to launch the product in around four to six weeks time, putting it out sometime next month or as late as December. To go with the news of MethylMass 2.0 being right around the corner, EST have passed on the contents of the sequel pre-workout. The brand have packed the supplement with two things, Arimistane (androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione) at 40mg and the massive, more important 3,938mg proprietary. Making up that proprietary is a number of interesting ingredients with BeetNitrate (betaine, beet extract & beet root), Creavate (creatine monohydrate & creatine glycerol phosphate), agmatine glycerate (agmatine & glycerol), beta-alanine and the Hydro Mass combination of coconut water and sodium, magnesium and potassium phosphate. At the bottom of the blend there is also a focus section listing caffeine, acacia rigidula, theacrine and hordenine HCl. As mentioned EST haven't given us an exact date for when MethylMass 2.0 will arrive, just promising availability in a maximum of six weeks.

BPI's industry first candy chew FunnBar now available in most locations

BPI's industry first candy chew FunnBar now available in most locations

If you've visited your favorite supplement retailer in the last couple of weeks, you'll notice there is a new high protein snack available. BPI's industry first high protein candy chew FunnBar has officially arrived, going on sale in almost every one of the brand's stockists. Places like, Muscle & Strength, Netrition and GNC all now have the product in stock, with the three previously confirmed flavors to choose from, caramel & chocolate, tropical berry and orange cream. The big question we had when we first got a look at FunnBar, was how much would the extremely unique supplement cost? With it's arrival we can now tell you the common price on the latest from BPI seems to be $25.55 for a box of 12, a few bucks more than the price of other high protein solutions. By the sounds of things the sugar free BPI candy is a lot more than just a treat, easily justifying FunnBar's $2.13 single stick value.

Muscle Elements put together another supplement supporting tee for PreCre

Muscle Elements put together another supplement supporting tee for PreCre

With Muscle Elements protein powder the Truth just around the corner, the brand are continuing to release more and more items for fans to show their support while they wait. Following the launch of the brand's the Truth tee, Muscle Elements have now unveiled and put on sale another supplement supporting shirt. The latest item from the brand promotes their pre-workout PreCre, the only performance based product on our top 10 pre-workout list. The gray top features a PreCre graphic on the front working in with the brand's logo, and on the back Muscle Element's phrase 'build a better you with me' as well as a some related hashtags. The tee has been uploaded to the brand's website for the same price as the Truth top at $24.95. Muscle Element's have also put together the PreCre shirt in the same six sizes, available in small to XXXL.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Black Market unveil their 22nd guerrilla edition hard apple cider AdreNOlyn

While details usually come in on the day of release, Black Market Labs have just made Black Friday that much better confirming this month's limited edition AdreNOlyn. Last month fans were treated to the cocktail inspired sex on the beach, which was also launched with the brand's blue scoop selfie promotion. For October and what will be Black Market's 22nd guerrilla edition or 19th unique taste, we have the brand's attempt at hard apple cider. The original underground company are claiming that it is going to be the closest thing you've come to the flavor in a pre-workout, going as far as saying 'this is some of the best damn stuff we have produced'. Despite being unveiled today, like all the other limited edition AdreNOlyns, hard apple cider is set to go on sale Monday next week. Most fans will already know this, but for those who don't the only place to purchase the supplement online is direct from Black Market's website. Alternatively you can also choose to pick it up from your local Black Market retailer, however stock and arrival of apple cider will of course vary from store to store.

Vital1ty to see Olympus Labs step away from pro-hormones for a second time

Vital1ty to see Olympus Labs step away from pro-hormones for a second time

The pro-hormone specializing brand Olympus Labs are looking to extend their line with another supplement seeing them step outside their usual category. At the moment the brand do have just the one mainstream formula, with the pre-workout Conquer. The next product coming from Olympus sees them head in the direction of creatine with the vital anabolic ammunition supplement Vital1ty. Strangely enough the product is in fact a creatine formula similar to that of USP's new Modern Creatine combining the power of creatine and betaine. The brand have brought together Creapure creatine monohydrate dosed at 5g, with the same dose USP have used for betaine anhydrous at 2.5g. To help further deliver it's effects Olympus have also thrown in soy derived phosphatidylserine at 400mg, and to maximize absorption 5mg of Bioperine. Vital1ty is expected to go on sale very early next month, alongside two other new supplements that are going to be unveiled and detailed next week.

A look at some of the contents in Lecheek Nutrition's upcoming women's pre-workout Hottie

Lecheek Nutrition have today dropped an update on the product we heard about back at the Olympia in September, the female formulated pre-workout Hottie. Over the past few weeks the brand have been teasing the supplement, giving everyone a look at the bright pink product but not much information. Lecheek's latest update does finally give us a bit of an indication as to what is going to be in the formula, releasing quite a few details. In the area of contents the brand have confirmed a set of natural stimulants, none of which we have names of yet, an unknown dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs. As well as a number of fat burning ingredients such as green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones. While we haven't got a complete look at Hottie's facts panel, so we don't know what stimulants it will be using or if there is anything else in there, Lecheek have named it's flavors. The women's pre-workout is set to go on sale in two 30 serving tastes with pink lemonade and forbidden fruit. As far as launch is concerned nothing has been mentioned, with Hottie joining Amino Test and Speed X3 Test on Lecheek's list of coming soon supplements.

New Nutrex Muscle Infusion flavors confirmed and launched with buy 2 get 1 free sale

New Nutrex Muscle Infusion flavors confirmed and launch with buy 2 get 1 free sale

Earlier this week Nutrex started teasing the coming of two new flavors for their one and only protein powder Muscle Infusion. The two were expected to be joining the supplement's pre-rebranded menu of chocolate, vanilla and cookies & cream. While Nutrex had yet to say anything or even drop any hints about the flavors, rumor was the two were going to be chocolate peanut butter and banana or chocolate banana. It turns out those rumors were pretty much dead on with the two new Muscle Infusion tastes being chocolate peanut butter crunch and chocolate banana crunch. Despite being off by the word crunch, as expected the flavors are both extremely fitting for Nutrex's previously cliché menu. As per usual fans aren't going to need to wait for the Muscle Infusions to hit their local stockist as the brand have now added them to their website. Also in true Nutrex fashion they've been launched with a buy two get one free deal on both the 2 and 5lb tubs, dropping their prices all the way down to $26.63 and $49.96.

Green apple or mixed berry looking likely in Gamma Labs G Fuel teaser

Gamma Labs start teasing another flavor for their flagship formula G Fuel

The makers of our favorite out of gym energizer G Fuel, have started teasing the coming of another flavor for their flagship formula. An image has been released with a blacked out bottle covered by a question mark, in front of Gamma Lab's six other G Fuel flavors. If you did miss our post back in September, we do already know the brand have two new options on the way. While we couldn't completely confirm the names of the tastes, they appeared to be green apple and mixed berry. Based on that we're going to assume that one of those is the variant behind Gamma's new teaser. Most of you probably could have figured that out on your own, although the reason we feel it's newsworthy is because we now know one of the two new flavors is being lined up for launch. Unfortunately in the past the brand have taken their time when it comes to releasing new supplements and flavors. Leaving us wondering if we should be excited about a very near arrival, or as interested as we were yesterday.

Update: The name of the flavor is officially fazeberry, a limited edition option that has now been put up for pre-order direct from Gamma Labs. Every purchase will also get a free G Fuel glass.