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GenOne Nutrition quadruples in size with six new supplements

Up until late last month GenOne Nutrition was just a two supplement brand, with both items competing in two of the industry's biggest categories. It had the pre-workout Old Jack and the fat burning formula Oxy Shredz Elite, both of which have recently been reformulated to V2 editions. Last week GenOne actually changed all that with a pretty big move by launching six entirely new products. The group quadrupled the size of the brand's line up and entered it into five new categories, and re-entered it into another with a stimulant free solution.
Introducing the all new Blackstone Labs protein powder 3-Way

Early last year Blackstone Labs started teasing the coming of an all new protein powder that was being referred to as Dessert Whey. All we really knew about the supplement was that it would be a protein, based on the name it would taste good, and that the brand was testing it in a number of flavors including the interesting sounding recipes Vanilla Peanut Butter and Dulce De Leche. Blackstone has now unveiled an all new protein called 3-Way, which we can only assume is the final version of the unofficially nicknamed Dessert Whey.
Chaos and Pain finally unveils its third protein powder Cannibal Kraken
cannibal kraken

Last year Chaos and Pain said it had three new protein powders on the way. Only two of those three were launched in 2015 with the whey isolate formula Cannibal Weight and protein blend Cannibal Cronus. The brand has now finally introduced protein powder number three, with the 100% pure whey protein formula Cannibal Kraken. The short pure whey description is the only real detail we have on the supplement's formula at the moment, although we do know that Cannibal Kraken isn't going to be a 2lb like Weight and Cronus.
Whey Fury featuring Medi-Evil’s patented digestive aid Trigesteze
whey fury

Whey Fury is one of the four new supplements confirmed today as coming soon from Medi-Evil, that like two of the others is a protein powder. As you might have guessed by its name, Whey Fury does feature whey protein although in total it does have five different types. Three of the five are all whey in hydrolyzed, isolate and whey protein concentrate, with the other two being soya isolate and milk protein concentrate.
Medi-Evil Colossus sitting just under 1,000 calories per serving

The biggest out of all of Medi-Evil's new supplements unveiled today is Colossus. It is one of the brand's three upcoming protein powders, with the appropriately named Medi-Evil Colossus falling into the mass protein category. Unlike any of the other proteins unveiled today, we actually have some nutrition numbers from Colossus including 60g of protein per serving and a total of 973 calories. As for the carbohydrates and fat, we don't have exact amounts for either of those yet although the brand has said the product features a blend of complex carbohydrates from oat flour and flax.
Four new supplements coming soon from Medi-Evil Nutrition

At the moment the UK-based supplement company Medi-Evil Nutrition has a total of just three products available. The items making up the line are the brand's original fat burner Excalibur, the pre-workout Berserker and the creatine formula Creatine Assault. Those three are actually soon going to be joined by another four, which when they arrive will more than double the size of the Medi-Evil line. For now all we have on each of the supplements are theirs names and a few details with Whey Fury, Excalibur Diet Protein, Colossus and BCAA Assault. To see the few details we have on each upcoming Medi-Evil product simply click on the highlighted names.
BCAA Assault Medi-Evil’s extremely straightforward BCAA powder
bcaa assault

The only new supplement out of Medi-Evil's four that have been unveiled today that's not a protein powder, is the self-explanatory BCAA Assault. The product is as obvious as it sounds and as straightforward as BCAAs come, being a 300g unflavored bag of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio. Each 300g bag packs 50 servings, with each serving working out to exactly 6g each. Seeing as BCAA Assault is a 100% BCAA formula and doesn't appear to be flavored, it would be good to assume that each of those 6g are all BCAAs. Like all of the other new Medi-Evil supplements unveiled today, BCAA Assault is currently only listed as coming soon with unfortunately no word on exactly how far away it is.
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