Monday, October 20, 2014

Mystery Promax product expected to be a pumpkin peanut butter bar

Mystery Promax product expected to be a pumpkin peanut butter bar

Promax have a uploaded another image for their upcoming mystery release. Originally it was thought that what ever is on it's way would be an entirely new product, based on the fact that the brand were using bite size bits in their teaser. We are now leaning more towards the idea of it being another flavor for one of their bars, with the cubes just being used to form a picture. Looking at Promax's latest preview we're seeing the outlining of a pumpkin, suggesting to us that the shape has something to do with it's taste. This time around the brand have also added the line 'still looks a little nutty to us', which then puts us in the direction of a two flavor recipe such as pumpkin peanut butter or peanut butter pumpkin. The pumpkin idea is slightly reinforced by the coming of Halloween, presumably putting what ever Promax have planned out by the end of the month.

Myokem Monday: Top five pre-workout Nitramine up for grabs once again

Go in the draw to win Myokem's top five pre-workout Nitramine

Last week we kept Myokem Mondays going strong with another giveaway of one of the biggest supplements of the year. The pre-workout Nitramine was put up as a prize, and proved to be one a lot of our fans wanted. While the amount of entries was quite surprising, the fact that people want Myokem's Nitramine isn't much of surprise as it is one of our top five formulas. Based on the reception from last week, we're putting the pre-workout up for grabs once again for today's Myokem Monday. To get yourself in the draw to win the powerful product, head on over to our Facebook, then like, share and comment on today's competition post. Once you've completed all the steps be sure to check back in around midday tomorrow on social media and our results page, to find out if your training is about to get a lot more enjoyable.

Marc Lobliner's flavored MTS Drop Factor ready to go at Massive Joes

Marc Lobliner's flavored MTS Drop Factor ready to go at Massive Joes

As promised all the way back in July by Marc Lobliner himself, MTS Nutrition's flavored Drop Factor is finally ready to go. For those that missed the original announcement, the variant has of course been produced especially for MTS fans down under, due to the strict rules in the area. Being that the fat burner has been remodeled for Australia, it has also received a bit of a reformulation which we can now confirm. Compared to the capsule supplement the new raspberry lemonade flavored MTS Drop Factor has held on to caffeine, coleus forskohlii, theobromine, the SyneLEAN blend and all five HealthyORAC ingredients. With everyone looking like they've kept their doses. The list of what has been removed consists of four features, capsicum annum, vinpocetine, piperine and yohimbine. Thankfully Lobliner has not left holes in the Australian Drop Factor replacing the axed ingredients with 1g of taurine, 500mg tyrosine, 100mg theanine, 25mg hordenine and 20mg of higenamine. The product is due to be launched in Australia today through MTS Nutrition's stockist Massive Joes, who have been counting down for this one. The store have actually got an exact time for when the supplement is going to go on sale in just a couple hours at 9AM local.

Champion confirm Syn Matrix 6:5 as a concentrated protein solution

Champion's Olympia debuted Syn Matrix 6:5 designed to be a protein powder

Champion Performance's two Olympia debuted supplements Syn Matrix 6:5 and Turbulence, have finally shown up outside of the big event with a bit more information. At the Mr. O Expo back in September we were there up close and managed to get a few shots of the products posted online, confirming their contents along with their existence. Turbulence is Champion's pre-workout formula packing a range of well dosed ingredients including 6g of citrulline. Syn Matrix is the more complex one of the two designed to be used as a protein powder, relying on a researched ratio of whey protein and leucine to deliver the same muscle building power as your average serving of protein. The balance is basically 6.15g of whey protein and 5g of leucine, hence the supplement's name Syn Matrix 6:5. For more information Champion do now have both the concentrated protein of sorts and their pre-workout listed online and available for purchase. The last bit of information the duos first non-Olympia sighting has brought is the introduction of the brand's Innovation Series. Syn Matrix and Turbulence are the first two in the line, giving us all a taste of the quality Champion will presumably be keeping consistent for each future Innovation releases.

Scitec uniquely repackage with retitling, Force & Stim-FX get their names back and more

Scitec Nutrition change more than just Force-FX and Stim-Fx's names

The latest from Scitec Nutrition in their ongoing effort to by the looks of things, change back every supplement that was renamed in early 2013. Comes the the transformation of another two product's titles. The Scitec supplements being reverted back to their original names are Force-FX and Stim-FX, which are now Pump-FX and Thermo-FX respectively. While on every other occasion it is just the titles that have been updated, this time around the brand have also done a little something to the packaging of their previously boxed products. Both Pump-FX and Thermo-FX have been repackaged into a triangular prism shaped box, quite possibly the most unique and bizarre thing we've ever seen a supplement wrapped in. Whether or not the interesting style will be carried across to any of Scitec's other items, we don't quite know yet. Although it would be safe to say Pump and Thermo are going to stand out on the shelves a bit more with their new look. In the area of formulas, Scitec fans have no need to worry as everything has been kept the same in the products, with just the name and packaging being the things everyone will have to adjust to.

Protein Wars II: The champ, favorites and European entrants battling it out in round 1

Protein Wars II: The champ, favorites and European entrants battling it out in round 1

Today we kick off the first round of our second annual Protein Wars with a total of ten supplements battling it out over the next week. We have two one on one and two three way fights in Group A, seeing a lot of big names up first and right in the mix. Last year's champion Cellucor Cor Whey is taking on one of the newest products in the wars, Grenade's Hydra 6. Our second one on one sees the UK entrant PhD Pharma Whey HT+ take on a long time favorite Universal's Ultra Whey. Moving on to the three formula contests the first one consists of MuscleMeds beef protein Carnivor, the fan favorite PES Select and Giant's delicious Delicious. The fourth and final battle is made up of Metabolic's high quality Protizyme, and the two European entrants Scitec 100% Whey, and 4+ Nutrition's Whey+. We have links to each of the supplement's voting pages below, where you can also see the percentages of each fight once you've voted. Group A's doors close midnight Sunday Pacific Time, giving everyone just under seven days to get your votes in.

Limited edition GAT Fight Harder tops now available direct with free shipping

German American Technologies' limited edition Fight Harder tee was originally only thought to have been available at Pink Muscle Fest in St. Charles Missouri, a couple of weeks ago. Based on what was said we also only knew of just the Fight Harder shirt, featuring GAT's logo in pink on the front alongside the Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon, and the words' Fight harder' on the back. It turns out the charitable product can now be purchased direct from the brand's website in both a men's tee and women's tank. Both pieces have the exact same graphics, with the only difference being that the tank is of course sleeveless and made for women. In terms of sizes GAT have put together quite the selection with a total of seven for men going from small all the way up to 4XL, and four for the ladies with small to XL. The price on both Fight Harder items has been set at just $20, which is made even better at check out when you use the coupon 'FIGHTHARDER' for free shipping.

Latest Ronnie Coleman Signature Series supplement King Beef hits Natural Body Inc.

Ronnie Coleman's first real new Signature Series supplement since his spree of Amino-Tone, Beta-Stim and King Mass XL from 2013, was last week confirmed as officially launched. The brand themselves said that the beef protein King Beef was on it's way out to retailers and expected to show up any day now. For those that have been waiting on this one, the product has now shown up at it's first store. Natural Body Inc. at the moment is the place to go, with King Beef in stock and valued at $49.99. Despite Ronnie Coleman saying we were in for two tub sizes a 28 and 50 serving, Natural Body do only have the larger volume available, although have both promised flavors chocolate and fruit punch. There is a good chance other Signature Series stockists will show up with Ronnie's third protein powder today or later this week, but for now Natural Body is where you want to go.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three new flavors spotted for MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass

Three new flavors spotted for MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass

Currently MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass menu stands at a total of four flavors with the originals chocolate and vanilla caramel, the GNC exclusive chocolate macaroon, and the most recent addition chocolate peanut butter. Today we've come across what appears to be three more tastes for the brand's mass protein variant. MuscleMeds have uploaded an image listing three new options alongside chocolate macaroon and chocolate peanut butter. Being that the picture does not feature the supplement's two originals, and we haven't seen any bottles available in the promoted flavors, there is the possibility there may be some kind of a mix up. Alternatively the image has been produced by MuscleMeds, so for now we're saying it's legitimate with strawberry, chocolate pretzel and chocolate mint making it five, six and seven for Carnivor Mass. If the brand do end up coming out with these three, not only will it mean more than twice as many options for the product compared to 2013 but also give it one of, if not the biggest mass gainer menu available.

Proccor about to get in the business of intra-workout, carbohydrate and stim-free

Proccor confirm the coming of three new supplements

The relatively new four supplement brand Proccor, who we recently teamed up with to give away one of their products every Thursday, are looking to expand their straightforward line up. At the moment Proccor cover all the important categories with their pre-workout Pre-Rx, fat burner Oxidize, hydration formula Intralyte and the pump dedicated pre-workout RC Pump. Now confirmed as joining the range some time soon are three more supplements, all at this point untitled. The categories the trio are going to see Proccor compete in are intra-workout, carbohydrate, and stim-free pre-workout which will be interesting as the product's obviously not going to be pump based. The brand haven't given us an exact date or time frame for when we will see the first of the three, or the order that they will arrive, but when more details come in we will get them online.