Monday, September 22, 2014

Myokem Monday: Be in to win one of the best pre-workouts in the world

Be in to win Myokem's top five pre-workout supplement Nitramine

We've given a lot Myokem supplements away lately, in fact every one of the brand's products has been a prize at one point. Pyroxamine, Magnitropin and Alphadex aside, the one everybody seems to love the most is the pre-workout Nitramine, which is no surprise being one of the best formulas in the world. To keep the interest going, today we are once again putting up Myokem's Nitramine as the prize. To go in the draw, just like every other week simply head on over to our Facebook page then like, share and comment on our contest post. Once you've completed the steps be sure to tune in tomorrow for the  winner announcement, which will be done through all of our social platforms. The lucky new Nitramine owner will also be put on our giveaway results page alongside all our other competition winners.

First Teacrine supplement up for grabs, win Purus Lab's Theatrim before it goes on sale

Win what is likely to be the first TeaCrine supplement Theatrim from Purus

For now Purus Labs still appears to be the front runner for getting the very first TeaCrine supplement out there in the form of their fat burner Theatrim. Despite not knowing what else is in the product aside from the new ingredient, which we do suspect will also be joined by caffeine. The brand are giving fans the chance to win a bottle of their latest formula before it gets any where near stores. The giveaway isn't anything elaborate, all you need to do is like, share and comment on Purus's competition post and your in. They haven't listed too many details regarding when the winner will be drawn or when entries close, so it would probably be wise to get entered as soon as you can. There has still yet to be a date put on Theatrim's availability in stores, although seeing as the brand have a full bottle ready to go as a prize it can't be too far away from shelves.

Two more on the way from Giant Sports, upcoming supplements not Muscle Maker or casein

Giant Sports confirm two new very exciting supplements

Giant Sports have passed on details of a couple rather exciting products. While we have only got a handful of words to go off, we feel we have enough to help you also get a little interested. Basically the brand have two supplements on the way, both of which we do not have the names of yet. Firstly neither of these two are the protein powders Giant mentioned back at Australia's FileX in April, the mass protein Muscle Maker or well flavored casein. Secondly, and this is our only other piece of information, one of the two will see the brand head into a new category they are not currently in. As much as that is informative, it's extremely vague as Giant at the moment only have five products. Of those five the brand are really only in three different categories, Delicious for protein, Metabolic Bioshock and Giant Pump for pre-workout, and Dexamine and Thyrotwin for weight loss. Despite the two being quite possibly anything at this point, we are still extremely excited as so far we have yet to see Giant produce anything disappointing.

Lecheek looking at the female market, pre-workout Hottie

Lecheek Nutrition confirm female pre-workout Hottie

Following Lecheek Nutrition's rebranding preview, the brand have confirmed the coming of an entirely new supplement. The information passed on to us over the weekend is of a pre-workout product with a difference. Lecheek do already have Speed and Pump X3 as well as Stim Shot, so the idea of a third performance formula may have you wondering. The next place the brand are actually looking to go is in to the women's market with a supplement called Hottie. Not much is known about the pre-workout, just that it appears to be have been designed separate from SpeedX3, Pump X3 and Stim Shot. All we can say is that it is a surprising move by Lecheek as they do tend to stick to high end, top quality products. The reason why that makes it surprising is because the female category isn't exactly full of greatly formulated supplements, which should see Lecheek do quite well if they come through with Hottie.

Full list of contents in Champion's latest, pre-workout Turbulence led by 6g of citrulline

Full list of ingredients in Champion's new pre-workout Turbulence

Over the weekend Champion Performance debuted two new supplements, the interestingly dosed post-workout concentrate Syn Matrix 6:5 and pre-workout Turbulence. In our live Olympia Expo post we listed all Syn Matrix's contents, and just Turbulence's highlights promising to follow up with it's remaining ingredients. Today we've got the energizing product's complete label featuring 2g of carbohydrates, half of that sugar, and nine other ingredients helping deliver Champion's pre-workout experience. The supplement is 100% transparently dosed with 3g of citrulline malate, 1.6g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g taurine. 500mg AgmaPure agmatine, 200mg caffeine, 500mg tyrosine, 50mg theanine, 200mg Advantra Z and 15mg yohimbe. Being that Turbulence features 200mg of caffeine per scoop, two is likely to be the maximum packing the product with double the listed doses in 3.2g CarnoSyn, 1g AgmaPure and 6g of citrulline malate. Like a lot of other new supplements at the Olympia Expo, Champion's latest was on display in full tubs, so we do expect to see it on shelves soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stack3d @ the '14 Olympia Expo, summary of live coverage with 34 posts published

2014 Olympia Expo live coverage sees 34 posts pubished

For those that didn't or couldn't follow along, our Olympia Expo live coverage saw a whole lot of things go online. In total we got 34 posts published direct from the show, a number we felt could of been higher especially since we still have a lot more information. Some of the highlights of the event would have to be Muscletech's slightly anticlimactic Jon 'Bones' Jones resigning, free sampling of Muscle Pharm's brand new Coco Protein, Animal Pak's Juiced Aminos and actually both new collections from Fitmark and Six Pack. While there were a lot of big things going on at the Olympia Expo, there were some brands who kind of went unnoticed, even those who usually do things pretty big. As a quick recap we have linked all the live coverage posts in a list below with a short description and in order of importance.

Pharmafreak show off super-size, Ripped Freak Protein now in 4.53kg option

Ripped Freak Protein now in a 4.53kgs bag

This year's Olympia Expo may be over, but we do still have plenty of information that we're going to release over the next couple of days. Near the end of the event we unfortunately ran out of time to post news live, so to keep it going right now we've got PharmaFreak's Olympia Expo appearance. On display a bit separate from their other supplements at the show, was a super size Ripped Freak Protein bag. The volume officially weighs in at 4.53kgs, basically double that of the product's current and only 5lb option. Some fans may be wondering what exactly is Ripped Freak Protein, as it's not a supplement you'll see in every PharmaFreak stockist, due to it mainly being an international product. Your next question will probably be, does that mean a larger Protein Freak is on the way? Which to that we don't quite know, as it was just the 4.53kg Ripped Freak Protein we saw.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stack3d @ the '14 Olympia Expo, Champion introduce Turbulence and Syn Matrix 6:5

Champion Performance with two new supplements Turbulence and Syn Matrix 6:5

Champion Performance have done something basically every other less exciting brand has not done today, and that is surprise us. We expected new supplements from a lot of the big names, some from a few little guys and also had a lot of products on our list promised just for the Expo. Champion, someone we didn't expect anything from, have actually shown up at the event with two, Turbulence and Syn Matrix 6:5. Starting with Turbulence, it is the brand's new pre-workout formula going 100% transparent packing highlights such as 500mg of agmatine sulfate, 3g citrulline malate and 200mg caffeine anhydrous. As for Syn Matrix you're looking at what Champion are calling a post-workout concentrate. Featuring a slightly simpler label with an 11.15g mix of whey isolate and leucine and a recovery blend of carnitine l-tartrate, HICA and BioPerine black pepper extract. We will do our best to try and post up Turbulence's full label later, as for Syn Matrix 6:5 the ingredients mentioned are all that is in it.

Stack3d @ the '14 Olympia Expo, Muscle Elements with flavored 212 and trial sizes

Muscle Elements confirm new sizes and form without a booth

While Muscle Elements aren't at the Olympia with a booth, we have got news direct from them here at the Expo. Unlike a lot of other brands their news isn't an athlete update or anything, it's in regards to their range of products. Basically they are set to add a few new options to all but one of their supplements, two if you count the unreleased Truth. Both of their performance products PreCre and AmiNO Flow are getting trial sizes added, each containing a total of seven servings. Lastly we have the slightly more exciting news of Muscle Elements introducing a flavored version of their stimulant based fat burner 212. On most occasions you would only see a flavored fat burner produced for international distribution, however the brand are most definitely going to have it here in the US. We don't have an exact date on any of the new supplement options but they do sound very close.

Stack3d @ the '14 Olympia Expo, contents confirmed for Animal Pak's new Juiced Aminos

Contents confirmed for Animal Pak's new Juiced Aminos

As promised we have finally managed to find time to sit down and go over the facts panel from Animal Pak's latest supplement. The Alpha Tested product that has been unveiled here at the 2014 Olympia Expo is officially titled Juiced Aminos. As we picked up immediately from the name, Animal's two effect formula is in fact a pump amino looking to take on one of our favorites, Muscle Element's AmiNO Flow. On it's label Juiced Aminos lists two blends, the first a 6g amino complex with in order, instant BCAAs, lysine, arginine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and histidine. The second proprietary weighs in at 4g featuring in order taurine, citrulline malate, glutamine. AgmaPure agmatine sulfate, GlycoCarn glycine propionyl-l-carnitine hcl, ArginoCarn acetyl-l-carnitine arginate dichloride and Sustamine l-alanyl-l-glutamine. For best results Animal recommend you through back two servings a day at anytime, as Juiced Aminos is promoted as an anytime formula.