Thursday, April 17, 2014

Commodities line previewed and on it's way, Core encourage subscriptions for launch sale

Core Nutritionals Core Commodities line previewed and on it's way

Core Nutritionals promised and they have delivered. The brand's Core Commodities line featuring a total of seven different supplements, has been previewed and is on the way. While we already knew all the products in the line with Creatine Monohydrate, BCAA, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, Taurine, and HMB. Core have only just released a full look at the Commodities series, letting fans get familiar with their new favorite all-in-black individuals. The brand are promising top of the range value, which they are looking good on coming through with listing Creatine Monohydrate's tub at 400g, Glutamine at 300g, and Agmatine Sulfate at what looks to be 30g. There is no exact date for when the Commodities collection will be launched. However Core do suggest that those interested sign up to their newsletter to not only be notified when the supplements become available. But also because they will be released with some strong introductory specials.

Beta Nitro expected to be followed by many more, SNI looking to get back in the game here in 2014

SNI's return to the industry with a new pre-workout Beta Nitro
SNI, the brand known for their cost effective line of supplements. As well as the record holders for longest time with a website under construction, have finally revealed something new. The last time we saw anything from SNI was probably about a year ago,

Pre-workout ErgoBlast finally detailed, ErgoGenix due to launch before May

ErgoGenix detail their upcoming pre-workout ErgoBlast

Over the past few weeks ErgoGenix have been teasing out their new pre-workout supplement, officially titled ErgoBlast. Among the list of details the brand have confirmed for the product, they did say the energizer would be available on the 14th of April. While they have indeed missed that date, to make up for the delay ErgoBlast's complete formula and options have been revealed. Joining the previously confirmed Con-Cret creatine HCl, AgmaMax agmatine sulfate, tyrosine, and n-methyltyramine HCl. Is n-acetyl l-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, mucuna pruriens, theobromine, higenamine hydrochloride, guarana, Co-Q10, and huperzine. As for variants ErgoGenix are promising two sizes for the pre-workout, a 10 and 30 serving, with the same two flavors for both, pineapple mango and strawberry kiwi. Despite missing that original launch date of three days ago, ErgoGenix are still hoping to have ErgoBlast released before May. Leaving the brand and their new product two weeks to hit their exclusive retailer

Update: It turns out ErgoGenix were not referring to April 14th with their original promo picture of 4.14. It was simply in reference to April 2014. On the bright side it still means we should be seeing the supplement this month.

Four HyperMax ingredients confirmed, Performax Labs make use of the trending 4-AMP citrate

Performax Labs confirm four ingredients from their new pre-workout HyperMax

Up until now all we knew about Performax Lab's upcoming pre-workout supplement HyperMax, was it's title. Outside of that the brand have stayed pretty tight-lipped about the product, although today they have passed on four of the supplement's main ingredients. Starting with the transparently dosed features, HyperMax stars creatine at 3g, beta-alanine at 3.2g, and agmatine sulfate at 1g, all of which are based on the product's maximum serving size of two scoops. The fourth ingredient Performax have confirmed hasn't been given an exact dose, although it's inclusion alone should be enough to get some interest, with the trending 4-AMP citrate. Making up the rest of the formula is said to be six other features, promised to be well dosed and revealed sometime next month. Moving outside of HyperMax's contents, the supplement is due to arrive in one size and flavor, with 40 servings of fruit punch. The pre-workout is still due to land sometime in May, giving us a minimum wait of about two weeks and an unfortunate maximum of six.

The focus driven performer Nitramine, Myokem's one and only supplement a hit

Review of Myokem's pre-workout supplement Nitramine

A few months ago we received a bottle of the pre-workout supplement Nitramine, made by the new one product brand Myokem. At first we wrote it off as just another pre-workout formula, one of the main reasons why today's review has been such a long time coming. At first it was used on the odd occasion to get an idea of what it would do, which after a handful of workouts we quickly realized this was not just your average pre-workout. The supplement was then tried out a few more times one after another, as well as spread out, and in every scenario it delivered. So without anymore of an introduction we have here today an experience review of the not to be underestimated Myokem Nitramine.

Glutamine Plus not as simple as it's sounds, Betancourt confirm another new supplement

Betancourt confirm another new supplement Glutamine Plus

While yesterday saw Betancourt reveal the coming of the complex pump pre-workout Pump'D. Today brings something a little more simple, the advanced recovery supplement Glutamine Plus. Based on it's title you can figure out pretty quickly what the main ingredient in the product is. However instead of just the one glutamine form, Betancourt have gone with four making use of regular l-glutamine, alpha-keto glutarate, Sustamine l-alanyl l-glutamine, and l-glutamine peptide 30%. To further enforce the 'plus' part of it's name, Betancourt have also included an undisclosed dose of l-alanine in the supplement's 5.3g glutamine blend, as well as 1g of vitamin C per serving. With news of both products essentially coming one after another, we can only assume Glutamine Plus is set to launch around the same time as Pump'D, which is expected to arrive somewhere in May.

Cycle Support sequel Cycle Support 2.0, AI Sports update their overall health supplement

AI Sports reveal and release their new Cycle Support 2.0

AI Sports have revealed and officially launched a sequel to their healthy hormone balance supplement Cycle Support. The updated product is appropriately titled Cycle Support 2.0, and features basically the exact same formula with a few new additions. While carrying over all the original's ingredients with things like red yeast rice, hawthorn berry, and saw palmetto, all at the same doses. AI have also thrown in pumpkin and grape seed extract, detailed as 240 and 150mg per serving. Outside of those two, and an edit to the milk thistle extract. Cycle Support 2.0 has kept over some of it's predecessor's flavors with raspberry lemonade and apple cinnamon, as well as introduce two more with chocolate and orange. While the brand have only just announced the supplement, it can already be found in a number of popular stockists. Currently we are uncertain as to whether or not 2.0 will replace the original, however on top of all their similarities AI do now have the new product's predecessor on clearance.

Third Micro Batch individual CLA Powder, MAN latest launched as an exclusive to 1%ers

MAN Sports confirm their third individual ingredient supplement CLA Powder

After all the teasers and covered images MAN Sports have released their third Micro Batch individual supplement, CLA Powder. While we along with probably a few others thought for sure it was going to be a creatine, the brand have come through with a rarity in the industry. The product is as previously confirmed an unflavored formula featuring 100 servings per tub, with it's title ingredient conveniently dosed at 1,000mg a scoop. Unfortunately when we said that MAN's CLA Powder has been released, we were referring to it's 1%er's club launch. If of course you are not signed up to the insiders group, you will have missed out on the brand's impressive introductory deal of two tubs, a 3-in-1 shaker, and free shipping. For those non-1%ers the good news is we don't expect the supplement to be too far away from stores. With a price that doesn't look to be consistent with the other Micro Batch individuals, estimated to be sitting somewhere above $25.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PS Whey arrives as competitive as expected, Pro Supps latest protein available for less than 73 cents a serving

Pro Supps PS Whey price comfirmed as competitive at Tiger Fitness

Last weekend we took a stab at what price we thought Pro Supp's new mainstream protein powder PS Whey would be launched with. For the 5lb tub we estimated around $55, and for the 10lb bag between 100 to $105. It turns out we weren't actually too far off, as the supplement is now showing up in stores confirming official prices. For the 68 serving variant, those interested can expect to pay a little under $55, and for the double size 136 serving, quite a bit less than we had guessed at a little under $100. Those prices are based off the current stores listing PS Whey, which if you are wanting to purchase from one. Tiger Fitness appears to be the biggest and best right now, with the 5lb at $53.99 and the 10lb at a very competitive $98.99.

Andro-5A available for pre-order with no ETA, Lecheek's latest supplement all but launched

Lecheek introduce, giveaway, and put up for pre-order their latest Andro-5A

Without any sort of teaser or preview, today Lecheek Nutrition have done it all but launch their latest supplement Andro-5A. The product comes under the muscle building category, looking to deliver in three main areas as seen in the image above, increase strength, enhance natural hormones, and improve muscle endurance. To help it achieve it's desired effects, Lecheek have packed Andro-5A with two ingredients, 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin and 1-androstene-3b-ol 17-one. While usually details are all we have, as mentioned today Lecheek have done all but launch the supplement. As Andro-5A has already been put online for pre-order through one of the brand's stockist Orbit Nutrition, and is also up for grabs through Lecheek's Facebook page in a giveaway. The next stage is of course the release of the product, however even with the pre-order opportunity there is no date for when Andro-5A will be available.