Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chaos and Pain's new line available Saturday, Helios and Mercury uploaded and ready

Chaos and Pain confirm this Saturday for the launch of Helios and Mercury

Chaos and Pain fans may want to save this week's pay check for a few days as the brand have confirmed the coming of their new Olympus Series for the first day of the weekend. Due to go on sale this Saturday are the two supplements from the brand's first spin off line, the joint support formula Helios and BCAA hydration complex Mercury. In preparation for Chaos and Pain's first release since their third wave of Cannibals, Da Vinci, Claw, Alpha and the sequel Permaswole, both Helios and Mercury have been uploaded to the brand's website. While you may not be able to add either of them to your cart just yet, feel free to read through Chaos and Pain's descriptions of each product's intentions and their facts panels. As well as take note of their prices with Helios valued at $39.99 and Mercury $35.99, which of course doesn't factor in any specials the brand may be running for the launch in two days time.

Femme go the extra mile to connect with fans, new Connect community forum now online

Femme Nutrition launch their Connect community forum

Not every brand has a true home for fans in reality or online, with most company websites designed to just display and communicate product, promotions and event information. Some however do march to the beat of their own drum and build a place where followers can share their thoughts and feelings. Nutrex, Animal, Gaspari, a lot of big names go the extra mile for their fans. Femme Nutrition is the latest name to join that small list of brands interested in connecting directly with their audience, launching their new Femme Connect forum. The community space has just been added to their website, where followers can now go and take part in like minded conversations. Femme currently have around nine categories those interested can jump in on, just sign up for an account and you will be away and posting.

An inside look at the kings of customer service, Black Market talk about their Praise Circle

Black Market Labs let fans in on their Praise Circle

While most blog posts from companies highlight new supplements or developments. In fact almost every blog post we've ever seen from brand is just that. Black Market Labs, being the honestly driven team that they are have posted about something a little different. The brand have opened up their doors to fans, giving them a look at one of the many team building activities that goes on at Black Market. The activity is called Praise Circle, where just as it's titled, the entire team gets together to form a circle where they praise one another. The torch goes round for one hour and every individual gets to share who they feel deserves kudos for something they did or are currently doing well. We definitely suggest if you have the time, head on over to Black Market's blog to read the full piece, as it is a great behind the scenes glimpse at the kings of customer service.

Introducing the new and unique Nutristat, definitely not your average supplement company

Introducing the new and very interesting Nutristat

With new supplements coming every week, sometimes every day, there are also new brands coming just as frequently. One of those new brands on the scene is the company we would like to introduce to you today, Nutristat. While the brand's mission statement does sound exactly like the one we heard last week, it is Nutristat's unique product line up that makes them stand out against a lot of others out there. At the moment the brand are sitting on four supplements, Amino Fusion an amino cocktail featuring a natural antioxidant energy blend, and three extremely interesting protein infused formulas. Meta Script a CoffeeBerry peptide rehydration intra-workout, Pure Peptide an all day di and tri peptide amino acid hydrolysate, and the ultra clean whey isolate Puretein. While Amino Fusion in itself is a nicely packed energizing amino, those other three are well worth checking out, which with Nutristat being a new brand is a little difficult. There website however is under construction and should be complete sometime soon, with hopefully slightly stronger product descriptions to go with their availability.

Hydroxycut's second additive for the week, Skinny Vanilla set to take over your beverage

Hydroxycut's Skinny Vanilla essentially vanilla flavored green coffee

The other day we posted about Hydroxycut Clinical's latest weight loss solution, the conveniently designed Hydroxycut Drops. The idea behind the supplement is to basically tuck it in your pocket, then pull it out and drop a few in your bottle when you're in need of a kick. As it turns out the brand do actually have another new product, one that is in fact quite similar to Hydroxycut's Drops. The supplement is called Skinny Vanilla, a second liquid additive, although instead of throwing Skinny Vanilla in to your water bottle. The brand direct you tear off one of it's stick pack tops, then poor the powder into your 'morning cup of coffee, tea, or other favorite hot beverage'. For those curious about what they're adding to their beverage, each stick is essentially just 200mg of vanilla flavored green coffee bean. The product isn't likely to deliver results anywhere near as well as some of Hydroxycut's more complex multi-ingredient fat burners. It does however give fans of the brand one more area they can squeeze in yet another supplement.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free Classic Tank with any AdreNOlyn, try the latest Black Market taste for $40

Get a free Classic Tank with any purchase of Black Market AdreNOlyn
Fans of Black Market Lab's announcements from earlier in the week, with their three new tanks and latest guerrilla edition pre-workout, grape lime rickey. Will be happy to hear that the underground brand have put together an offer giving you the chance to grab both the 19th limited edition

First major chicken protein set for September, Italian based 4+ Nutrition teasing Hydro CPI+

4+ Nutrition tease the first major chicken protein powder

As innovative as 4+ Nutrition's supplements have been in the past, their latest has to be one of their most interesting. Based on what has been released we know the title of the product is CPI+ (or CP+), with Hydro preceding it. The other piece of information our favorite Italian company has dropped links the new formula to chicken. Which once we took a closer look at the bottle of the upcoming 4+ supplement, we realized relates to the fact that CPI+ is likely to be a premium chicken protein powder. There aren't any clues in the brand's teaser image that make it official, there are however enough to make us 99% sure we are looking at a chicken protein. For those that haven't heard of chicken sourced protein, it is something we've seen before, although this would be the first time a major company has shown any interest. While 4+ are currently teasing their one of a kind product for release sometime in September. The Italian based brand have confirmed a few of it's formula numbers to see fans through, with zero sugar, fat, lactose and less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving.

Hybrid Hump Day: Be in to win the pre-workout PreAmp and a Hybrid tee

Be in to win Hybrid Nutrition's pre-workout PreAmp with a free tee

For this week's Hybrid Hump Day, the sponsoring brand have given us a little something extra to giveaway with more than just a supplement. The Hybrid product up for grabs today is the pre-workout formula PreAmp, which also comes with a free Hybrid tee. Just like every other week to go in the draw, we are currently taking in entries across all social media through our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. All you have to do is locate our competition post on each social platform, then complete the steps listed and you're in. You are also more than welcome to enter through all three, which will of course triple your chance of winning. The entry doors won't exactly close at any point, we will just be selecting and announcing the winner around this time tomorrow. So be sure to tune in as well as bookmark our giveaway winners page, as with a lot of contests going on at the moment we've already got two prizes unclaimed.

Facts panel revealed for new BCAA Energy, EVL's seventh due to arrive in two days time

Facts panel for EVL's new BCAA Energy released

Last week EVLution Nutrition revealed their seventh supplement, the two category and self explanatory formula BCAA Energy. After a number of previews the brand finally unveiled the product, as well as confirming it's availability for August 1st. One of the major pieces of information EVL left out however was the supplement's facts panel, which they have conveniently waited two days before launch to release. Despite seeming like a formula you probably could've predicted, BCAA Energy does feature a little more than just caffeine and BCAAs. The product lists three highlights, the first being the previously mentioned 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, a whole 2g more than EVL's dedicated amino A-10. The second is a 110mg natural energy blend made up of natural caffeine from coffee bean, and green tea. Lastly we have three non-complex ingredients looking ro add a bit more of a kick with 800mg of beta-alanine, 500mg l-alanine and 500mg taurine. For a complete look at EVL's BCAA Energy we have uploaded it's facts panel below. But if all goes as expected you will actually be able to purchase the supplement in just two days time.

Peach not as thermogenic as advertised, Femme's flagship formula put to the test

Review of Femme Nutrition's thermogenic cream Peach

On most occasions we get supplements in to review that belong to categories we are familiar with. Pre-workouts, post-workouts, protein powders, we've tried almost everything on the list. Having experience with other products from similar or identical fields helps gauge one's quality, and figure out how good a supplement actually is. The product type we have for review today however is one we have in fact never come across before. While it does make weight loss promises, it is Femme Peach's form that has us in unfamiliar waters. Basically the item is a skin firming and thermogenesis cream designed to deliver it's effects once applied direct to your skin. It is indeed a brand and item designed with women in mind, regardless we did put it to the test to see what kind of results it could give a couple of guys.