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Pumped Sports coming to the US thanks to Tiger Fitness
pumped sports

Almost one week ago Pumped Sports made a relatively big announcement saying that its line is soon going to be available in Australia, officially making it an international brand. This week the New Zealand name has another announcement that's even bigger than last week's, which is that its pre-workout Loaded and fat burner Aktivate are on the way to the US. Pumped Sports is going to be entering the market through Tiger Fitness, who is already listing the two supplements but they're not yet in stock. Word is Loaded and Aktivate will be reaching the major retailer very soon, so definitely keep an eye on Tiger Fitness or here if you're interested in giving Pump Sports a go.
Recon Nutrition unveiling three new workout formulas tomorrow

Last month Recon Nutrition surprised us with an all new version of its pre-workout supplement called Ambush Second Strike. Before the end of this month it looks like the brand is going to be surprising us again as tomorrow it plans on introducing three more products. No names, images or ingredients have been confirmed for any of the three supplements, although Recon has dropped a hint about their categories.
Capstone Nutrition suing MusclePharm for over $65 million

It's certainly been a bumpy road for MusclePharm over the past few weeks, however things did pick up recently when it launched a handful of new supplements. We saw the release of the new Chocolate Coconut for Combat Crunch, as well as the Sports Series Amino1 and Assault. The Athlete's Company is now in legal headlines again, as according to a number of sources the maker of MusclePharm's products Capstone Nutrition, is suing the brand for more than $65 million.
DMAA infused Dust Extreme now available for pre-order
dust extreme

Last week we posted about Blackstone Labs upcoming pre-workout Dust Extreme, which got quite a bit of attention due to the fact that it is going to be using the controversial stimulant DMAA. A lot of people actually thought it might not be true, however we did double-check with the brand and can confirm Dust Extreme will definitely feature DMAA. Today we have more news on the supplement as it is now available for pre-order.
Four very simple sounding Giant supplements named

We already knew Giant had a few new supplements coming to the US back when we were introduced to Giant Rush and the new Giant Pump at the Arnold Australia, and the April unveiled Giant BCAA. As it turns out however there are in fact a handful of others we didn't know about. A total of four more Giant products have been confirmed, all of which sound like they're going to be fairly straightforward formulas.
fitmark go pack

The innovative bag brand Fitmark has just introduced its latest creation, the Go Pack. Unlike all of its recent releases the Go Pack has not been launched through the brand's pre-order type Playing Field, instead it's gone straight to being available. As you can see in the image above there isn't exactly a lot to the bag, in fact it's actually Fitmark's simplest bag to date.
American Metabolix goes from Lockout Supplements to Suppz
american metabolix

Last month we saw American Metabolix expand its availability by launching at Lockout Supplements. The brand was of course already available in a number of places, however it was never really in any of the major online stores. American Metabolix has now expanded even more by making it into another major online retailer with Suppz.
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