Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NOW Foods with four for October, unflavored Pea Protein gets supersize 7lb option

NOW Foods reveal for new supplements for October

Like clockwork NOW have revealed their next group of new supplements ready for release in October. In total the brand have got four lined up, with almost all of them more exciting than the usual individual ingredient formulas, and alternative forms and sizes. First up we have PQQ Energy, an entirely new product for NOW, designed to help 'maintain robust cellular energy production, support heart health, and promote normal cognitive function'. Per serving the supplement features 1,000mcg of B12, 200mg acetyl-l-carnitine, 30mg CoQ10, and 20mg of it's title ingredient BioPQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone. Next is Fruits & Greens Organic, not to be confused with NOW's product of the same name, as this one is a tablet variant containing a combination of 12 different ingredients, including organic fruits and vegetables. TestoJack 300 is our third for the month, an extra extra strength variant of NOW's other TestoJacks, packing a strong 300mg of tongkat ali per single capsule serving. Last but not least is a super size tub of the brand's unflavored Pea Protein going more than triple the previous biggest option, with a 96 serving 7lber. As per usual all four new NOW supplements are expected to be on their way out to stockists, and should go on sale at your local retailer sometime this month.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

GNC launch introduces a total of seven, Fuel:One finally arrives with more still to come

Fuel:One launch with seven supplements at GNC

Fuel:One the brand that has been built up quite nicely over the past few months, and one that we have supplements in review for at the moment. Has finally found it's way on to shelves here in the US. The line of products that was put together with the help of the team behind Muscletech, has hit GNC with a total of seven different formulas. While that number is less than the amount of supplements Fuel:One had promised pre-release, the difference is actually even greater as of that seven only four are from the brand's original group of eight. The products on sale at GNC are Mass Build, CreaPro3, 6th Gear and ThermoStack, all from Fuel:One's preview. The other three are PhosphaBuild, Isolate Build and the caseinless Micellar Whey Build. It is of course not a bad thing that the brand have surprised us all with a few extra supplements, as it does leave Complex-1, Whey Build, BCAA Armor and Vita Boost still to come.

LaRon Landry suspended for 4 games, Muscle Pharm shuffle around their athletes page

Muscle Pharm remove all images of LaRon Landry from their website following his PED suspension

Indianapolis Colts safety LaRon Landry has been given a four game suspension. Whether or not you're an avid NFL fan, if you know your supplements you will recognize him as an athlete of Muscle Pharms. It was yesterday that news broke of Landry's suspension which was handed down to him due to his violation of the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. While nothing has been released by the athlete's company about the incident, the brand have taken down his pictures from their website, as well as his athletes profile page. You can still find a few remains of Landry on the brand's Facebook, including the clips of him introducing Muscle Pharm's latest version of Assault. For more information on the suspension you can find an official post on, or if you don't want to see any of Landry you can check out where his profile used to be on Muscle Pharm's website.

GAT supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month, limited edition Fight Harder tee on sale at Pink Muscle Fest

GAT Breast Cancer Awareness tee available at this weekend's pinkmusclefest

Breast Cancer Awareness month is due to begin tomorrow on the 1st of October, a month expected to see a lot of supplement companies support the great cause. Last year we had special edition products and some brands even doing limited runs of clothing, with all donating a portion if not 100% of profits to charity. German American Technologies is one of the first to pop up this year before Breast Cancer Awareness month has even started, with their special edition Fight Harder tee. The black top features GAT's logo on the front alongside the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon, and the words 'Fight harder' on the back, all printed in pink. The piece doesn't look like it is going to be on sale anywhere online, as at the moment GAT are only promoting it's availability for this weekend's Pink Muscle Fest bodybuilding competition, in St. Charles Missouri. If you're in the area definitely head on down and support the event. Where you will of course be able to purchase GAT's tee, but also be a part of the first annual Pink Muscle Fest which is in 100% support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Cannibal Permaswole the impossible pump pre-workout, Chaos and Pain's pump formula raises the bar

Review of Chaos and Pain's impossible pump pre-workout Cannibal Permaswole

Back when Chaos and Pain launched Cannibal Swole earlier in the year, we actually got a tub fo the supplement in for review. Seeing as we had and still do have quite the queue of products in line to try out, by the time we got around to it the brand were already on to it's sequel. It was due to that we put the review on hold and waited to get our hands on the reformulation Cannibal Permaswole. Right out of the gate the supplement performed a whole lot better than the original, reassuring us that we made the right decision to wait for the updated version. Now technically after about half a year we bring you our review of Chaos and Pain's pump product, that we can only best describe as the impossible pump pre-workout.

Core Nutritionals preview weight loss sequel, Burn Ultra bringing more modern branding

Core Nutritionals preview Burn Ultra along with their new branding

Core Nutritionals have been quite busy lately, introducing a number of new supplements for their Core Commodities range. To add to the brand's list of developments they have also been working on a new product called Burn Ultra. From what we can see the supplement looks to be a flavored sequel to Core's weight loss formula with a shorter name, Burn. Whether or not the new product is due to replace the brand's current fat burner we're not yet sure, especially since it is coming in an alternate form. What we do know however, is that Core's upcoming release does feature the brand's new look. Replacing their classic white bottle or clear for capsule formulas, and wide range of colors which vary from supplement to supplement, is a much darker more uniform theme. The new look uses a black and gray pattern background, a neater text and information layout, and a few single color accents on the top and bottom. The brand have yet to confirm just when Burn Ultra will arrive, although by the looks of things when it does finally launch, we are be in for a complete rebranding as well.

Recon Nutrition Tuesday: Full size tub of the flavored thermogenic Thermonuke up for grabs

Go in the draw to win Recon Nutrition's thermogenic supplement Thermonuke

Recon Nutrition Tuesday is back, with another chance for you to win one of the relatively new brand's two supplements. At the moment Recon have just the pre-workout Ambush and the flavored thermogenic Thermonuke available, of which we have the latter up for grabs today. To get yourself in the draw like with almost every other one of our giveaways head on over to Facebook, locate today's contest post on our page, then complete the steps listed. Once you've done all that is asked of you, make sure you check back in on social media or our giveaway results page tomorrow to see if you're the lucky winner. We also ask that you make your location public on Facebook, as we have mentioned before almost all of our competitions are only open to those in the US. To ensure that we randomly select a qualified winner we do need to check where you live, if we can't then we will redraw.

Mutated pre-workout not as exciting as hoped, Crack3d's rather anticlimactic formula found

Mutated Nation's Crack3d formula hunted down and not very exciting

Crack3d, the new pre-workout from the brand you would probably recognize better as the makers of Albuterx, was recently launched down under without it's facts panel. Mutated Nation have been promoting the product as the best thing since DMAA, a bold call seeing as they weren't quite ready to show off what is in the supplement. Seeing as we're not in the area and couldn't purchase a tub to get the details, we had to go on a bit of a hunt. All the excitement being put around Crack3d aside, as well as it's fellow Australian competitor UPS Crazy, looking very good and also being promoted as a DMAA like. Mutated's latest supplement doesn't appear to be anything special, or even close to what UPS have put together despite being similarly advertised. We managed to track down the formula discovering a straightforward complex made up of beta-alanine, creatine HCl, leucine, citrulline malate, caffeine, agmatine, n-methyl-tyramine, picamilon, octopamine and synephrine. While it will most likely provide a solid pre-workout performance, it doesn't look like something we're going to make the effort to get a hold of, or feel backs up Mutated's confident claims. launch Labrada's latest, PE1 valued at less than a dollar a serving

Labrada Nutrition's new pre-workout PE1 now on sale at

The latest from Lee Labrada's Labrada Nutrition has followed on from it's sample availability at the Olympia, to actually going on sale. The pre-workout PE1 has been launched at one of the few places to always get things first, the one and only For those that have been anxiously awaiting the supplement's arrival, whether you're a loyal Labrada fan or just interested in the mainstream formula of PE1, you are going to be pleased with it's price. The product has hit for the rather cost effective amount of $29.77, that regardless of serving amount sees the brand go under that magical $30 mark. From what we can see there has been no maximum set for PE1, which does make the supplement sound really nice at less than a dollar serving. However it also makes it sound a rather weak, with just 154mg of caffeine per serve.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Promised Giant Sports protein now on sale, Delicious Casein available exclusively through Australia

Giant Sports new Delicious Casein available in Australia

Back at the Australian FileX fitness expo earlier in the year, Giant Sports confirmed two new types of protein powder in the works. One was a casein formula and the other, a mass protein called Muscle Maker. While we're still short on information and availability on the latter, the brand have released their casein supplement simply titled Delicious Casein. The product has been produced in a total of two sizes, a 27 serving 2lb and 66 serving 5lb, each with the same three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and banana. Making up a single scoop of Delicious Casein is 24g of protein with a Full Spectrum Bioactive Micellar Casein complex listed as it's only source. 1.6g of carbohydrates (380mg sugar), 1.4g fiber, 1.5g fat (690mg saturated), and a total of 125 calories. For those interested in what's in the other ingredients section, it is amino acid free listing just the trademarked GiantPro XR protein complex and all the little regulars. If you are a US Giant fan and like the look of Delicious Casein, unfortunately at the moment this one is only available through the brand's Australian distributor Flush Fitness. For the people lucky enough to be included in that area, Delicious Casein is now on sale in most stockists with the 2lb as low as $45 (AUD) and 5lb as low as $80.