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Myprotein launches its pea protein infused Protein Seasoning

21 hours ago | Myprotein
myprotein seasoning

Myprotein is back again this week with another new, rather unique line of products. The latest from the consistently growing European company is MyProtein Protein Seasoning. The new release is exactly what it sounds like, a packet of protein infused seasoning to throw on your everyday meals.

REPP Sports fans get a full line of clothing and accessories

Feb 19, 2017 | REPP Sports
repp sports

As well as finally launching its all-new line of supplements earlier this month, REPP Sports has also given its fans a way to show their support for the brand out in public. Now available through REPP’s online store alongside its five supplements is a full line of clothing and accessories.

Ghost working on two creatine supplements for spring

Feb 19, 2017 | Ghost
ghost creatine

It was only a couple of days ago that Ghost completely unveiled its upcoming weight loss competitor Infrared, which included a look at its transparent and TeaCrine packed facts panel. Today even more exciting news has come in from the still very young brand, involving another entirely new supplement it has on the way.


Muscle Marinade officially relaunching on March 4th

Feb 19, 2017 | Purus Labs
muscle marinade

After officially announcing that its DMAA era pre-workout Muscle Marinade, is going to be making a comeback earlier this month. Purus Labs has now dropped a first look at the updated product, as well as confirmed exactly when fans are going to be able to get their hands on the supplement.

Peak Physicor designed to help you achieve your peak physique

Feb 18, 2017 | MTS
peak physicor

Marc Lobliner has just dropped a preview of an entirely new supplement he has coming soon from his brand MTS Nutrition. The product is called Peak Physicor, which is being promoted as a body composition and strength formula. The only other details we have on the supplement right now outside of its name, are the few highlights listed on its bottle.

Try some of the Dough Bar’s best in its Variety Of The Month Pack

Feb 18, 2017 | Dough Bar
the dough bar

If you’ve been wanting to try one or more of the delicious looking protein packed doughnuts from the guys over at the Dough Bar. The brand does have a way you can try a collection of its best, with its consistently changing Variety Of The Month Pack.


ScoopClip is here to save you from lost scoops for just $2.99

Feb 18, 2017 | ScoopClip

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen a lot of creative solutions to make sure you don’t have to go diving into your powder supplements to find your scoop. Two of the most notable innovations came from AllMax Nutrition and Ghost, both doing the same kind of thing and keeping the scoop at the top of their tubs.

GAT rebrands JetFuse and turns it into a transparent pre-workout

Feb 18, 2017 | GAT
gat jetfuse

Last month GAT announced that its long-running recovery formula JetMass, was being rebranded and reformulated with more creatine. News has now come in that another one of the brand’s older supplements has received a makeover as well as a few other changes.

Stacked Protein Gainer arrives at for $40 a tub

Feb 18, 2017 | EVL
stacked protein gainer

EVL’s third Stacked Protein spin-off has just joined the brand’s other two — Stacked Protein Natural and Stacked Protein Lean — and is now available for purchase. The supplement getting the official release this week is none other than EVL’s mass protein formula, Stacked Protein Gainer.

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