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Hydroxystim gets a release, check out GNC for the exclusives and pray for repeat quality of Neurocore

Hydroxystim unleashed. The supp giant Muscletech release their second fashion stating product weeks after Neurocore. Now judging on their killer Neurocore formula if this follows any shape or form then it is going to be a hit with value, quality and results. I would not question the ingredients however the label is rocking three of the same titles as Neurocore. Geranium, caffeine and DMAE. The usual extra Yohimbine stil brings it’s game. The bottle is up on the always US favoured GNC. Muscletech always give these guys the exclusives with a trial bottle of 18, 10 more caps on the 100 to a complete 110 and a big 200 capsule bottle. Heres waiting for the review.

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