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Protein Wars
The Protein Wars is an annually run competition where any and everyone can vote for their favorite protein powder in a 64 contestant knockout tournament. We have listed the people’s protein title holder, the runner up, and the two semi finalists.
People’s Protein – Nutrabio 100% Whey Protein Isolate
Runner Up – MAN Sports Clean Protein
DVST8 White Cut
01. Inspired DVST8 White Cut
02. Dedicated Unstoppable V2
03. PNI Prodigy (2016 version)
04. CT Fletcher’s Sidewalk Kraka
05. GN Labs The Evil
06. Silverback Guardian Black Mass Attack
07. Sparta Kraken
08. Performax Labs HyperMax XT
09. Inspired DVST8 Crimson
10. Giant Riot
amino pm
01. Muscle Elements Amino PM
02. Ambrosia Overtraining Solution
03. MHP 5D Tropin
04. Ronnie Coleman’s Resurrect-P.M.
05. Jim Stoppani’s Post Jym
06. MusclePharm Iron Dream
07. MuscleMeds Secret Sauce
08. Prime Intra-MD
09. Redcon1 Fade Out
10. Muscle Elements AmiN.O. Flow
Weight Loss
ans diablo
01. ANS Performance Diablo
02. Myokem Pyroxamine
03. Anabolic Designs Shredabull Untamed
04. EVL Trans4orm
05. Primeval Pyretic
06. MAN Sports Lean PhD
07. Purus Labs Theatrim
08. Myokem Thyrovate
09. Grenade Thermo Detonator
10. Giant Sports Thyrotwin
Muscle Building
01. American Metabolix Muscletest
02. Myokem Magnitropin
03. Animal Test
04. Olympus Labs Testify
05. Myokem Alphadex
Animal Pak
01. Animal Pak
02. Dedicated Pack
03. Scitec Monster Pak
04. MusclePharm Armor-V
05. AST Multi-Pro 32X