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Train like an unchained beast, the experience of Muscle Pharm Assault

No banned substances. Must be pretty shit right. Well sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. Muscle Pharm Assault is no joke. Claim to fame. The MP boys are one of the only brands out there that make supplements for the athletes that go under the WADA drug rules. Meaning ingredients like geranium, dmae and heavy test boosters are all out of the diet. Assault is one of the only non-concentrated pre-workouts left on the market. With N.O. Xplode 2.0 and the new packaging from MP there is no change in their intentions. For the experience read on, it is a must. Assault is a supplement that is making a statement against all the concentrates flooding the market.

The scoop is a little big. Like the 1 M.R. craze one scoop max. 1/2 if you’re a pussy. Flooded with 5 flavours, apple, orange mango, fruit punch, blue raspberry and raspberry lemonade you are not short on picking. The taste unlike the concentrates is a joy. The smell is a challenging put off but goes down far too well. Give this a little time before taking training as the pins and needles is a little stronger with the beta alanine then others. The focus is not as big as the geranium driven, Jack3d. The energy. Is two maybe three times more.

There is no sudden burn out or crash at the end. The drive slowly decreases over time. The energy levels go sky high. Set after set after set. Rest is almost divided into thirds. The force to go heavier and harder is more then present. For the athlete or power hungry enthusiast. This is the on to go for. You get the edge for more. There is no pump, not even advertised. The mind is purely directed by what you gotta do and what your body feels like. No slowing down and no getting tired. No supplement on the market today can give you what Assault does. It will MAKE you train harder, stronger and faster. Big tick for Muscle Pharm.

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