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Have yet to lay your eyes on the Leukic Pro? Muscletech throwing in melatonin to boost results

Well this is a little late. But any wonder why half the world has not seen Leukic Pro Series? Questionable say the least. The product is one of the few out there that is solely leucine driven. Like their other products like creakic and gakic who also grow on the one ingredient target. They have thrown in other goodies to boost the power of the supp. Pro series gave rise to caffeine for gakic so it was no surprise that leukic received some friendly support. Yes Melatonin. One powerful sleep aid ingredient. In most of the world prescription is the only way to get a hold of it. So looking for the new Leukic in places like Australia etc. Sadly the web is the only place you will get a glimpse.

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