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One of the best multi vitamins to enter the marketplace in years, Muscle Pharm’s Armour-V the experience reviewed and approved

Muscle Pharm one of the top supplement brands in the world right now. Are now riding the success from their new product line and look. Creatine, Glutamine, BCAA and this huge approval on the Armour-V. It is not easy to break into the multi vitamin market. With the dominator still reigning, Animal Pak. Others like Opti-Men, Anabolic Vitakic and others have been around for some time and still have not hindered the success of Animal Pak. Armour-V has the ingredients with omega 3, 6 and 9. It also has packed in vegetable and fruit extracts. Stand aside for a good review as it has only favourable points.

The bottle is only offering a months supply. However the directions suggest that if you were working double day trainings you should take full dosage twice. A good trial for a multi vitamin is to rock half dose in the mornings and half at night. As the majority of vitamins turn your urine into a light sabre. In most cases half the dose will still cause that. On the other hand Animal Pak will not, and turns out Armour-V won’t either. Without wasting any of the contents expect to see a more clear stream whether you are halving or taking full dose. More sales points? The price will kick almost every multi’s ass. So it would be quite nice to Muscle Pharm in the future releasing a value bottle maybe upping it to two months supply. It would be ideal considering they recommend taking two serves a day for hard trainers.

A few more tops before the stamp. There are usually two gains from a multi. Or well two noticeable gains. The recovery is something that strength athlete’s boast about. Much the same as a intense athlete. If you are in between. Just your casual 3 or 4 times a week recovery will not be much of an issue. The other is the muscle hardness. This is something that most good multi’s will give you. The core is where it will happen. Armour-V not as much as the Animal Pak, does do this. Another that does this well, AST’s Multi Pro 32x. Before the final full stop comes in. A bad word has to be mentioned. Sadly the copper content in the product makes it to big for the Australasian market. A very odd ruling but a rule none the less. How could Muscle Pharm help this down? As odd as it sounds turning an international version out and making the capsules half the size. Yeah stupid, people just want better bodies, come on. Overall and in short, fcuking good multi-vitamin and is going to be hard to beat. Look out Animal Pak.

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