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Gaspari making enemies, not as clearly as Muscletech but still bold claims

gaspari nutrition

Like Muscletech the boys in blue are wanting to make a statement with the Myofusion follow up. The Probiotic series is a little more then your general multiple blend protein. However the dragon slayer has made a bold move in similar form as Mtech. Though the claims are no where near as competitive with Mtech naming ingredients and clearly giving away product titles. You can actually win any argument. Holding back the facts against yours and putting out, ‘sissy’ claims and comparisons. Which sadly Gaspari did on their new product page. Big talk before the product is within a fortnight of hitting welcoming shelves. The ugly thing is that Gaspari have made comparisons to products that are impossible to compare to. Good guess would be Optimum and possibly Syntha-6. Although going by brands, Optimum and Muscletech. Don’t worry though. Judgement day is coming soon Gaspari.

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