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Protein powder with an actual difference, Nutrabolics and their new star Fighter’s Food

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Beaten to the punch? Nutrabolics is not one brand to make big news. Or as Gaspari managed to, blow things out of proportion. Fighter’s Food is a protein powder, meal replacement, with a difference. Two flavours to choose from but this protein has the largest list of ingredients. Added bonus none of them are amino acids. Best way to explain, a multi vitamin, protein blend and meal replacement in one. Not a junkie driven powder like Hydrobuilder but a protein that has combinations worth it. A few from the list are, sweet potato, brown rise, flax seed, acai berry, protein hydrolysate and even dandelion extract. Nutrabolics have pulled a protein out of the hat with one downside. The price is slanted uphill and only available in a 2.4lb size. Unlike giants count on Nutra being honest and offering a larger size as soon as they can.

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