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Reviewed and approved, Muscle Pharm’s ZMA Max needs to be added to your Bullet Proof

Muscle Pharm’s core series saw the release of a lot of individual ingredients that let their brand fans overload on the, mostly, unnecessary supplements. Glutamine, ZMA, BCAA. The creatine was a good supplement but really should’ve been added to maybe their protein or post-workout. Similar to the BCAA’s etc. ZMA Max being one of those core series items should have been added to the Bullet Proof supplement. Already difficult to get a hold of in many parts of the world why not through in the extra ingredients. ZMA, just from the title is not just your regular zinc supplement, it contains an ingredient most supplement seem to leave out.

Melatonin is a rather cheap ingredient and for most parts of the world listed as a prescription drug. Similar to having a large dose of zinc in ZMA supps. Bullet Proof, the hybrid series sleep aid has GABA. Another rather cheap ingredient. Only two maybe three supplements in the world have got these very two important names in them. Muscle Pharm, should think about combining. Sleep aid is huge with Bullet Proof, with all the extra recovery goodies and sleep enhancers it has made a name for itself. The ZMA Max supp is almost it’s equal. So can you imagine what happens when you put the two together. For those who do not get that immediate sleep kick after the 30, 45 minute mark the combination of these two bad boys will surely accomplish that.

ZMA Max and it’s zinc content are really overshadowed by the dose of Melatonin. Melatonin Max pretty much. The difference separating the two is when you wake up on Bullet Proof the jump is quite strong and sleep can last just 8 hours. With the added power of ZMA Max. You can almost assure recovery and sleep will go long past that 8 hour mark if you are up for it. Do not think of this experience/review as a thumbs up for ZMA Max, think of it as a upgrade to your stack by combining it with Bullet Proof. Similar to the top review on MP’s creatine. Solo the product is not overly good mixed with a protein some goals can really be achieved. Either way you want to read this, MP again, reviewed and approved on ZMA Max (with Bullet Proof).

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