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Shame on you Gaspari, a backdoor Glutamine supplement deserves as much attention as Qualitine…

gaspari nutrition

It seems all supplement companies have what is nice to call, a back door supplement. No promotion on the item or even a page for it’s existence. Gaspari Nutrition guilty here with a glutamine supp. On further look into this, most of the UK are the ones getting all these. Possibly an exclusive of some sort as America do so strongly. A glutamine product almost brings down the entire Gaspari line. Like Muscletech known for creativity. Doing simple things like this almost feel pointless. Muscletech have a product like Amino FX but then the same blend ‘Amino FX’ is thrown into NOP-47. Think along those lines with Gaspari’s qualitine, bcaa and amino. All probably thrown into one of the big guns. SizeOn, Myofusion, SuperPump etc. However if you are a glutamine addict and must have the big blue’s version. Go shopping in the UK direction.

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