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Myofusion Probiotic gets looked over and taste tested, Stack3d says no approved stamp or ideal replacment

The top went on trial. Sadly Myofusion Probiotic does not live up to the talk Rich Gaspari put out. Though the taste test only put strawberry on trial the highest word it can be given is the Nitro-Tech equal. It is a very thick powder. Multiple protein blends will give you that. The added aminos and extras give it that big scoop that is not hard to mix but not easy. A regular two scoop of say Gold Standard would be sweet in 300ml. Probiotic? Like Nitro-Tech too thick and you feel like you have missed out on almost 1/2 scoop when the foam just will not slide through that shaker grill. Apart from the thickness, the flavour is quite good. Again like the Nitro-tech the strawberry has a lite taste to it. The original had a lot more kick to the flavour. Unfortunately from here, this should not be a replacement. For meal usage yeah sure. Maybe night time. The original stands above Probiotic by a long shot. Hopefully there comes an IntraPro sequel. An isolate, something more ideal and individual for post-workout.

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