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Kill off the old bring in the new, Muscletech supplements that should be getting the axe

For the Mtech fans and judging by facebook there is going to be a million soon. You must be noticing the abundance of supps they are collecting. It seems a clean is due. They will from time to time drop a supp. Haters, complaints but probably because of sales. To name almost all of the ones that should be killed off. Hexatest, T booster. Sadly one of the weakest ones out today. MyoShock HSP. Been around for a while but age old product. Pre-workout/pump pills are coming in concentrate now. Amino FX and Amino Prototype. Really sad attempts at capturing the amino market. Something they surely need to replace, Intravol and last but not least. Unique, individual but pretty useless, pre-workout protein. All might go on sale soon so look out should be a good score. The main thing Muscletech did on these is the concentrate series. All of the ones above have solid, high quality and powerful supplements in their new series. Nanostim for pump, Neurocore for pre-workout, Myobuild for Intra/Post workout and Alphatest for T. Bring on 2012 see what the giant has for the world.

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