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Muscle Pharm’s Combat reviewed, perfect for night time protein shakes nothing else

It has been a long time coming but the product finally got the test and as with all products in the Muscle Pharm line up (spoiler alert). Combat Powder gets the thumbs up from Stack3d. There are a few details to draw out and some fine points on the protein powder. It does prove to be quite the replacement to the more expensive casein protein but for the full break down…

The first thing to point out about the powder is that the taste is actually bearable. For some brands the quality gets traded for the flavouring. Things like isolates do not taste anywhere near as good as regular whey proteins. Combat has a fulfilling taste and range of flavours, banana cream, chocolate milk, chocolate peanut butter, cookies & cream, triple berry, vanilla and the new s’mores.

Muscle Pharm label this protein with, ‘feed muscles up to 8 hours’. This is the selling point behind and casein protein blend. Made widely famous by Optimum and their 100% range. Casein is extremely good at keeping hunger at bay and releasing protein over a period of 6 – 8 hours. The longer release time is what sparked the popularity of the night time protein shake. Combat actually delivers on this 8 hour feeding time and destroys casein protein supplements in price.

Not only does Combat beat out casein protein powders it also wins against the likes of Myofusion and Optimum 100% whey for price. Combat is a 4lb protein powder and does contain just 54 servings. Do not let that confuse you because Myofusion and Optimum Gold may be 5lb proteins but the price per serve is still in Combat’s favour. Muscle Pharm have also got a few more grams of carbs (not so good) and protein per serve.

The downside to Combat is that you would not want to use this for a meal replacement. Since most gym enthusiasts would be wanting to kick in a double scoop (50g protein) shake and want to get their next meal in 3 – 4 hours not 8. More importantly it would not be ideal for post-workouts as the idea is to get the quickest protein powder into your body after training. It should be a no brainer for customers to pay the extra few cents per serve for Myofusion’s quicker releasing protein.

The only reason it can beat competitor’s like Myofusion and Optimum’s Gold is because it has the slow releasing protein blends. All in all this is the best night time protein powder available by far. But because it is not suited for post-workouts or meal replacements it is the first MP supp to not get the Stack3d approved stamp.

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