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Pound for pound the strongest mass gainer available, Nutrabolics have a champion in Mass Fusion

Have you seen this? Like actually stopped and taken a good look. Because this has taken top position for 2012 mass gainers. In fact the entire marketplace. Bumping just under 1000 calories for a serve. Mass Fusion by Nutrabolics packs in 47g protein, 170g carbs, 28g of sugar and 9g of fat. The stats almost match others around but the little bit higher in sugars and fat has allowed for a balanced serve to give a large calorie count. The catch on Mass Fusion is the size and price. 16lb bag and has 31 serves. None of this 10 servings rubbish that will be gone in under the week. Nutrabolics is the first company to deliver a mass protein with the same amount of servings as regular supplements. A full months supply and easily qualifies for one of the strongest weight gainers out there.

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