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Reviewed and approved: Muscletech Anabolic Halo will rid you of post-workout pain

Since the release of the original Muscletech Anabolic Halo reviews have been extremely mixed. Some would say it is one of the best supplements on the market today. Others would say it is a waste of time. Waste of money and just your regular old kool-aid. The pretty labels and advertising have not been as prominent for the pro series upgrades. Muscletech have really hit home and gone for results and customers to be their source of marketing. Anabolic Halo was late in the game for pro series upgrade along with Mass-Tech. It made it to the show and is here for a review.

Like all Mtech supplements the label is packed to the T. Something they have been pushing on for all of the Pro Series supplements even the protein powder, Nitro-Tech. The one thing that Halo did for the debut was promote the freezing formulation of the powder. Making it seem like it was cast from icey cold depths of space. Sent a chill down your throat and for a lot of people that was the highlight of the product. The little crystals in the powder also made it a visual hit. The things they did well were kept and for the pro formula it is one hell of a product.

Want no pain, ache, or sore muscles for training the next day? You probably are the kind who has searched for a post-workout recovery. You may have even stumbled across a product like Xtend. Said to be the king of recovery products Halo would definitely be the dark horse in the category. Creative as Mtech are a lot of their products work wonders for some and none for a lot. This is not unheard especially compared to things like Jack3d or 1 M.R. Will you feel recovery on this if you did not in the previous version? Hell yes. Stacked with creatine and aminos it has gone even further then the previous version. For those it worked wonders before take your limits even further this time around.

Recovery like no other. Recovery that you have never felt before. With that sweet chill flowing down your throat as well. Nitro-Tech and Cell-Tech? If you are a fan it is time to swap out cell for halo. A lot of people will say that the ingredients are the same, that they have seen it in something else and it did squat. The key to a lot of products and pre-workouts again prove this fact. It is not just the right ingredients, it is about the right amount of each ingredient. BCAA 3:2:1, 2:1:1. Mtech must have broken this down to fractions and done some solid research. Blowing the previous edition out of the pool, for the ultimate recovery supp. Anabolic Halo. Given the stamp and proved to work.

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