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Creacore will not be ready for the Arnold, Muscletech are set for the biggest supplement give away

Like most events, each year they get bigger and bigger. The Arnold Classic is going to be no different, 5+ brands have already leaked new supplement information. Muscletech, the biggest company of them all has been dead quiet. The only product that might have seen some light was Creacore but apparently that is still a few months away. Instead they are going to be promoting the C-Series like never before.

“We’re giving away over 20,000 samples (OVER 20,000 SAMPLES!) of our new Super Concentrated Series products, including NeuroCore, NanoStim and HydroxyStim! And I’m not talking about two-capsule sample pouches, either. I’m talking 12-, 18- and 20-serving bottles! This is by far the most product we’ve ever given away – ever!”

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