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Secret new supplement series from Muscle Pharm, Fitmiss Balance, Burn, Cleanse & Tone

Muscle Pharm have said time and time again that 2012 is going to be a big year for them. Clean Mass and Hybrid N.O. are set for release this march, the new gel and MMA Elite series are on later this year. If that was not enough a female series is coming down the pipeline. Muscle Pharm are looking to release Fitmiss cleanse, burn, balance and tone. Like Muscletech’s Hydroxycut range it will be a full fat burning frenzy. It is going to end the direction of the ‘athlete’s brand’, female products are not what an athlete wants. They are a hit for the housewife, the casual or the once a week girl. In some ways Muscle Pharm are turning into an Optimum Nutrition. They are attempting to create a supplement for every corner of the market. If they continue to do this they will loose that across the board high standard (original hybrid products).

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