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Creativity while still keeping it original, Moore Pump gets the breakdown

Just hours after it got mentioned the ingredients for Moore Muscle’s two new supplements got released. On show right now is the pre-workout Moore Pump. Leading product Jack3d started the concentrate boom and now that DMAA is looking at the ban all of the smart brands

are making the change for a much cleaner formula, BPI’s 1 M.R. and Cellucor’s C4 are just two to name. Pump has one of the cleanest labels around but at the same time it will actually get the job done. The 12g proprietary blend contains 22 ingredients, Moore has not stopped with the powder. Pump will cost you just $30USD, while there are no details on the maximum amount of servings (hopefully two) over all the tub contains 25. A full review on this would be needed but as far as the breakdown goes, score one for Moore Muscle. Creativity while still keeping it original.

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