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One of the most unique supplements in a long time, Mutant Rehab has entered the market

Mutant has finally entered rehab, meaning the product has finally been released along with the ingredients list. In short this is actually one of the most powerful, unique, well put together post-workout supplements available. Rehab has everything that all the others have and don’t have. It is not the common amino and BCAA blends that make it special. Mutant have piled in three different creatines (4.1g), an 8 ingredient joint complex, 18g of whey protein isolate and 54g of quality carbohydrates.

When this gets put on the shelf it will put all the other post-workouts to shame. It will get a review in the next month or so to see how well it tests in the field, for now get it if you can gets your hands on it. It only comes in one flavor, freaky fruit punch however when this starts selling like it should that will change. As for price there is no official word yet but if you are to go by any of the other Mutant supplements this will be competitively priced.

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