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SuperPump MAX has a new more powerful formula, Rick Gaspari makes a few tweaks

If you have not managed to get a hold of the new version you will soon have no choice. Gaspari Nutrition have reformulated the unconcentrated pre-workout SuperPump MAX. No flashy promotions or adverts this time, just a big notice around the top of the tub. There are no major changes, below are the ingredient adjustments from the label (previous amount in brackets).

– Niacin 79mg (80mg)

– Vitamin B6 3.4mg (3mg)

– Calcium 38mg (39mg)

– Sodium 35mg (30mg)

– Potassium N/A (20mg)

A few words have been shifted around in the blends but nothing has been added or removed from that department. It does say it is a new more powerful formula, however the tub and serving weight has remained the same. There are few more facts listed on the face of the label, 4g leucine, 1g carnipure etc. It could just be a tactic to keep the SuperPump addicts happy while all the other new products get released.

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