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What to expect from the new NaNO Vapor Elite, Muscletech tackles unconcentrated pre-workouts

Muscletech’s next supplement in line to be released is NaNO Vapor Elite. The pre-workout is a unconcentrated powder, which in today’s market is a tough category. The only worthy opponents are N.O. Xplode 2.0, Assault and the mighty SuperPump MAX. To get more excitement flowing here is a look at the past two versions of Vapor and what you can expect from the upgraded formula.

Both the old and the new NaNO Vapor’s are solid supplements… For their time. Today there is no real place for unconcentrated pre-workouts. The only reason Gaspari and all the others have been successful with their ones is because they are big companies. If any new brand decided to launch a 16g scoop in the energy category, even if it was super awesome, they would end up flat on their face.

Muscletech have a big job ahead of them, Vapor has been fading away into the background over the years. To make sure their fans and the rest of the world continues to have faith in them they need to keep the Elite series quality consistent. Meaning, this needs to be just as good if not better than Assault or SuperPump. Here are few facts from the past two efforts (original on the left),

Calories – 50 / 70

Carbs – 12g / 9g

Sugars – 5g / 3g

Scoop size – 24g / 18g

Sodium – 220mg / 160mg

Proprietary blend – 22,031mg / 18,200mg

For the Elite edition to be triumphant that energy complex is going to need to come down. The scoop size would be considered concentrated if it were under 10g, so Muscletech might want to hold it at about 13-15g. A powerful pre-workout can easily be achieved with that sort of serving size no problem. It may seem like a rip off but they are probably going to be using some things Gaspari put in their SuperPump. More B12, citrulline and a few creatine blends, they will need things like this to get the formula in order.

Like all new Muscletech products there will be a new ingredient, similar to Coleus Forskhlii in the new Hydroxycut. To get extra strength Muscletech might side with some amino power. BCAA’s are good enough to be used as pre-workout contents alone but Vapor Elite will not be a supplement hoping for success. This will have some powerful things in it to guarantee that every one gets the workout of their lives.

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