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Breaking news for Muscletech, upgraded Mass-Tech’s are about to hit the stores

Muscletech must be saving the best for last as there is no sign of the updated Nitro-Tech or Cell-Tech. Either way the third supplement to get reformulated is Mass-Tech. The boys have kept it consistent by providing their latest mass gainer with label transparency which allows you to see that there is 10g of creatine per serving.

As far as the important things go, Mass-Tech does not take on the big numbers like Real Mass Pro or Serious Mass. They have kept it cool with 1000 calories, 63g of protein, a sad 9g fat and a unique 168g of carbs with just 8g of those sugar. This is not too much of a step up from the previous version, Muscletech have just added 10 of protein, 13g carbs, almost tripled the fat and doubled the sugar. The high point of the formula is that the extra blend is now 23,100mg instead of the old 10,370mg. Hopefully the price on this one remains the same because it comes in your regular 5lb tub except packed with 7lb of powder, offering 13 servings instead of the Pro Series’ 10. There has been no official word on when this will be hitting the stores, based on what went down this past week with NaNO Vapor you could be getting your hands on the new weight gainer in a matter of days.

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