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GAT are about to rip apart the fat burning world, new JetFUEL Accelerator, AQX and T-300

Yes that is correct, another three supplements are on the way from German American Technologies. JetFUEL Superburn set the tone, with it’s high quality ingredients and ready to fire price tag. To stick the dagger into the heart of the fat burning category even further they have come up

with JetFUEL Accelerator and JetFUEL AQX. Accelerator is a thermogenic, AQX is a water retention product to help you get ‘paper-thin skin’, both can be used in combination with Superburn or the older Pyro. The third one that can also be stacked is T-300, a testosterone supplement. If you step back for a few seconds and see what GAT are presenting to the world, it is pretty f&#*ing amazing. The Superbrun alone was going to be a huge hit, the wait is now on the release of the ingredient for Accelerator, AQX and T-300.

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