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Aminolast might be here before Detonate, Gaspari show off their first BCAA powder

Aminolast is looking like it will see the light of day before Gaspari’s Detonate. The ingredients label has not been released but from the promo image you can see it packs in 10g of amino acids and 30 servings per tub. It will be a flavored powder which ruins the chance of mixing it in with SizeOn or Myofusion. The issue that the big blue is going to face if not now then later, is supplement bunching.

Fans are going to come to a point where they will need to buy 4 or 5 products for just post training. Vasotropin and SuperPump already cause confusion with the pre-workout window. When Attack arrives there will be even more mayhem. Some sort of order does need to be put in place. Good on them for putting quality supplements on the shelves, they just need to clear out a few of the older ones for easier stackability.

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