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Animal Flex vs. Flex Freak, the battle of the flexes is just too easy

Everyone got wind of VitaFreak, PharmaFreak’s attempt at toppling the legendary Animal Pak. It proved ingredient for ingredient, to be no match for the 1983 original. The next supplement of Pharma’s to be hitting stands is Flex Freak. The facts have been released and this time around there is no need to do an in-depth comparison. Outside the vitamin and mineral contents

Freak offers just 2,210mg while Flex has a combined complex total of 5,000mg. Putting aside the ingredients they do share, Freak has magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D over Animal. Unfortunately this is a battle between joint products. Animal gains the upper hand with MSM, an extra type of chondroitin, quercetin, bromelain, flaxseed oil and a 6 form cetyl myristoleate complex. With just under 3,000mg more there is no argument as to which is the better supplement.

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