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Muscle Pharm and NSF round 2, not a rewrite but a reinforcement

Since the most recent post about Muscle Pharm and NSF went down so well here is a follow up just to explain things in more… Depth. A lot of people are saying MP failed the minimum requirements, the previous post was based on the information that the company is not going to continue using the NSF certification. To shed more light for both sides, read the drop letter. It outlines the MuscleGel and just 3 flavors of Assault. For starters the cinnamon roll variant for the protein gel is not made any more, the Assault flavors now total 6, the list above is probably referring to the original line up of supplements from years ago.

It does not matter who you listen to, both sides of the story end up with the same result. The point of the previous post was to inform people that Muscle Pharm products are the same. They did not fail because of a banned substance, they work harder than any company out there to push the limits on ingredients for athletes. They may be going without the NSF stamp but there are literally thousands of supplements in the market right now that also go without it and are being used for sports. MP may have made a bad move dropping this and not getting that. They are a good brand, their products still work with no change in formula. If you feel that your Assault does not work as well without the little blue logo, have a sip and go get drug tested. Then you can put your own little sticker on it.

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