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CLA review says stay away from core, Muscle Pharm’s creatine is the only one worth using

Muscle Pharm’s core series supplements are not as effective as their hybrid counterparts but in some cases they can offer a helping hand. This review shows if you are taking Re-Con do not bother with Glutamine or BCAA, same goes with ZMA Max and Bullet Proof or Battle Fuel. The following review is going to cover the unnoticeable effects of CLA Core.

Shred Matrix and Armor-V are probably all you will ever need to get success in the weight loss department. CLA is scientifically a good supplement, the fatty acids in this apparently make burning fat easier. Though compared to the power of the hybrid products it is a wonder why you would spare the coin. It does not have any more effect than something like ursolic acid. Add it yo your stack and you will gain nothing more than an emptier wallet.

If there was a number out of 10 as to how strong the supplement is, it would be .5. It belongs in Shred Matrix. It could have even been included in Armor-V, that has a fatty acid complex containg ALA, coconut oil and fish oil.

The weakness of CLA shows why you should not combine core and hybrid products. By themselves, BCAA, Glutamine and even CLA, will get you results. When stacked with those heavy ranged supplements they will get you next to nothing. There are people who use individual ingredients, it’s actually quite common. The mistake is using BCAA 3:1:2 and the BCAA carb driven Re-Con. It took an 8 week trial to realize the same thing goes for Shred Marix and CLA.

*Creatine is the only exception to the above

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