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Re-Con is just as expected, Muscle Pharm’s originals are the best

Muscle Pharm’s Re-Con is one of the most popular post-workouts on the market. For a non-creatine supplement you may be thinking twice about how much this can do for you. As far as muscle building goes some post-workouts lack the ingredients to really increase any sort of size. Re-Con was actually never intended for that, to find out what this post can really do for you follow on for the full review.

The best thing this can be compared to is Scivation’s Xtend or Monster Amino. Both are very good supplements in their own right and each, including Re-Con, has it’s own very different price.

In short Muscle Pharm did it right with this product. The mix of ingredients work their magic to repair the body immediately after your workout to get you refuelled and replenished, as if you never trained. The taste is good and the serving size is not too big and not too small. You can add a few more scoops to whatever you take it with but the difference is minimal if any, even on a double serving.

The post-workout feeling is similar to a PWO. Instead of a muscle driving pump it is more like a revitalizing sensation that spreads across your body. Few supplements actually deliver this level of recovery and as expected Re-Con is one of those few.

One thing to understand about post-workouts is that they are like pre-workouts. They do not build muscle they just give you the ability to train hard. If you feel recovered and ready to go for an afternoon or next day session you will in turn work harder and get more results. The biggest bonus with posts is that unlike PWOs you can use them as many times as you want without building a tolerance.

Re-Con is one of the original Muscle Pharm supplements, so there was never any doubt about it working. The question was just how well it would work. Turns out it roughly equals that of Monster Amino, which if you read that review you will know is a massive achievement. The product is worth every dollar and after your first tub, Re-Con will probably become a regular in your stack.

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