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3 in 1 Shaker equal to it’s smarter competitor, support your favorite bodybuilder or brand

The 3 in 1 is a bit of a change from your usual protein shaker. It gets the branding contracts which is why the popularity and availability has increased quite well. The question on most minds is just how different is it from the original SmartShake.

Instead of going with just screw on compartments 3 in 1 attaches split boxes to the lid and a cup that connects to the bottom. The bottle is a lot wider than others and comes in at 700ml. 100 more than it’s Smarter competitor but 300 short of the Core 150. The grill is a little above average, sturdy and sits nicely in the top.

It is about level with the SmartShake in convenience. The capsule pockets are much more divided allowing for bigger separation. The only issue with the lid compartments is they can be difficult to open with such a small clip. It also sits equal with the powder cup. It holds a tiny bit more and does not have the screw lines on the inside which gets powder stuck in the grooves. However the 27oz Jay Cutler SmartShake comes with a larger bottom compartment which does beat the 3 in 1’s by a landslide.

They both have equal convenience. Each shaker’s compartments level off against one another. The only thing that separates them is the style. 3 in 1 gives you the opportunity to represent your favorite (some) brand while SmartShake lets you support champion bodybuilders and unique color combinations.

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